Lost Dog Search & Rescue

Lost and Found Dogs in Ocean County

I Lost My Dog Lost Dog Search Team is proud that we were able to aid in the search of these pets. 

These are just a few of the Lost Dogs we were able to help search for.

A great job done by all the members of the Lost Dog Search Team for their time and effort to help find these lost pet's

Unfortunately we can only post the lost dogs that we have official reports on from their owners in the Toms River area of Ocean County. For those of you who would like to post your lost dog out of this area you can do so on our Facebook pages: 

Ocean County Lost Dogs or New Jersey Lost Dogs


Romeo (Our Dog) 

escaped from Pampered Pet Day Care in Toms River NJ on 5/16/2008 and was found 4 days later on 5/20/2008 with over 200 ticks on him and 10 Lbs lighter 

Romeo's Story




started her adventure on 1/22/2010 and was found 1/24/2010



missing 1/30/2009 In Berkeley Twp. Found 2/7/2009 



was lost in Brick on Dec. 29, 2009 and found Jan. 4, 2010




 went missing on 2/6/ 2010 from Pine Beach during the snow storm. Found on 2/14/2010 About 2 blocks away from his home.




 is a Chocolate Lab lost in Ocean Gate on Sunday 2/14/2010 and Found on 2/16/2010




is a Siberian Husky lost in Lanoka Harbor on 2/28/2010, Found about 1 mile away on 3/1/2010 

( Go Girls. Found By: Debbie, Harley & Pam)



Lost on 3/11/2010 in Bayville and found 2 1/2 Hrs later in the bay stuck under a dock but Safe and Sound.

 (Good Work. Found by: Debbie & Matt)




10 Months old decided to have some fun off leash in Island Beach State Park but lost her way. went missing on 4/2/2010 and found on  4/5/2010

(Good Job. Found by: Debbie, Eric, Harley & Winter)




a Irish Wolfhound, took a little walk on 4/22/2010, and several hours later, literately, walked into the hands of Eric and Winter while on their morning walk in the woods.

(Found by:  Eric & Winter)



a newly adopted Border Collie mix, walked out an unsecured side door in Manchester on 5/10/2010 and was returned safely to the SPCA on 5/20/2010.

Great Job done by the Volunteers of the Monmouth County SPCA and The I Lost My Dog Search Teem in a tireless effort searching for Carl



Mr. Big

just moved into a new home in Point Pleasant on Ocean Rd. and on June 3rd went missing. Please check for updates on Facebook and if your in Point Pleasant keep your eyes open for this cutie. 


As of 6/8/2010 Mr. Big is safe and sound and back home where he belongs





a pit mix, went overboard on May 30th while out in Barnegat Bay at Buoy BB If anyone has any information please call or e-mail us immediately at I Lost My Dog  





Lost on 9/5/10 from So. Main Street by Dover Rd. in South Toms River. Found on 9/7/10 around the corner and about 7 houses away. Lupay is now safe at home with her owners where she belongs! We actually had to enter the house with the owner and snatch Lupay, the woman that found Lupay did not want to return her



Fat Boy

Fat Boy, 

Lost on 9/15/2010 from Wrangle Brook Rd. in Manchester Twp and was found on Saturday 9/18/2010 still in the woods. He is doing well and is back at home with his owners.





I Lost My Dog Search Team was happy to assist Kirk (Dashes Owner) and Friend Dana ( from Paw Palace & the Dog Spaw' Grooming Salon)  in retrieving Dash a 5 Lb. Brussels Griffon who managed to wiggle out of his harness on his morning walk on 9/18/2010 and spent a frightening night hidden in a patch of bushes behind his home in Red Bank 



Diego & Sweet Pea

Diego & Sweet Pea:  

WOW what a day, while driving down (Rt 9 or HWY 166) in South Toms River We came across 2 Border Collies running in and out of traffic, Debbie pulled the van over and I jumped out and stopped traffic both ways and chased the dogs off the highway and down a dirt path and onto the parallel street Flint Rd. Debbie had completely blocked Rt 9 with our van till she saw the dogs were safe and then met me on Flint Rd where we were extremely lucky when we met the owners of the dogs. This was a first for us, we actually found 2 dogs before they were reported lost.  




Is a Poodle / Shih Tzu mix, black w/ white on chest. Lost on 11/1/2010 from the 800 block of Neptune Ave. in Beachwood, If seen please contact us at I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue ASAP

After an extensive search and talking to numerous people we believe the Massimo has been taken in by someone in the immediate area. Hopefully they will have the heart to return him.

UPDATE:  5/2/2012

Massimo is back with his legal owner, that's all I am at liberty to say at this time

Our Statement 

Due to the amount of times Massimo has escaped and the owners not taking our advice to secure their property, we feel its only a matter of time before something tragic happens to this sweet dog and can no longer answer their requests to search for him in the future




Found a small, black dog in Berkeley Township.
Small, toy-sized dog (possibly a Shih Tzu poodle mix or Havanese)
Black / Grey with white on chin and chest Young dog Male, not neutered very friendly, in very good health.

Please call Tess at (732) 869-9777  for info





Is a Doberman / Greyhound mix, black & brown weighs about 70Lbs.. Lost on 12/9/2010 from Maple Crest Rd. Toms River, last possible sighting was on Coolidge Ave. If seen please contact us She is very shy, PLEASE do not approach her if you see her please call us Immediately 732-240-4181 or E-Mail us from I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue ASAP

Great job done by Animal Control for catching Mimi and bringing her to safety




Newly adopted  1-1/2 year old male Golden / Dachshund mix weighs about 28 Lbs escaped on 12/10/2010 from the 600 block of Seaman Ave. Beachwood NJ. The new owners had removed his collar and tags. 

UPDATE:  1/22/2011

Lawson has just been recovered and is back at the shelter on Hooper Ave in Bricktown where he was adopted from. He was actually found shortly after he ran off by someone local and even though they knew that a search was going on for him, never bothered to let anyone know he was OK. A tip was called into the Brick shelter and Sylvia from the shelter, who also has a Lost Dog Search and Rescue Business drove out to the location to recover Lawson. "GREAT JOB SYLVIA" now the people who found Lawson are in the process of adopting him. Hope it works out for Lawson's sake, he was well cared for and this could be his forever home



Michael Sugar

Michael & Sugar:

On 12/16/2010 while driving on Whittier Ave. at the Corner of Keats in Toms River I spotted 2 dogs crossing back and forth at the intersection. I was able to catch both dogs. The owner showed up to claim his pets about 15 minutes later. A special thanks to Kim, Brody's mom, who offered her assistance to help out. Neither dog had ID on and both dogs were extremely lucky they were not hit by cars.




Chance lost in 1/5/2011 has been recovered on 1/16/2011 and is now back home. after several hrs. of riding around on a tip the owners received, Chances owners and the I Lost My Dog search team ended up in forked River where Chance was being held. after some lies and reluctance from the Family that had him and wanted to keep him and Debbie had to snatch Chance out of the girls hands and then give him to his real owners who never gave up hope.




Scooter went missing on 1/12/2011 and is an older dog last seen around Beach Blvd and Clubhouse Dr. in Forked River. He was wearing a collar with no ID. If spotted Please call I Lost My Dog at 732-240-4181. Scooter has been found on 1/13/2011 in good condition




TOMS RIVER: Please keep your eyes open for Tiger a Black Lab, he is 12 years old and went missing 1/23/2011 at about 1PM He was last seen Off Fisher Blvd between Shop Rite and Sky View Park. If seen please contact Lynn 732-600-3602 or I Lost My Dog search and Rescue at 732-240-4181

UPDATE 1/26/2011:

Tiger is home safe and sound... Thank you everyone who helped make this happen. Kind words and prayers. Tiger was very happy as well to be back home!!



Toms River, this sweet pit bull was found by Jenette, the newest member of our group. on Saturday 2/12/2011 on Raleigh Dr, Toms River. If she looks familiar or is your dog she has been turned over to the

 Toms River Township Animal Facility 2201 Whitesville Rd Toms River NJ 732-367-5044




Lost on Thursday 2/17/2011 Benny is a white Toy Poodle that escaped from under a fence from Leeward Ave in Beachwood. If you have him or know where he is please contact us at I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue ASAP 732-240-4181




Bambi AKA Bam Bam:

Lost on 2/23/2011 from Cambridge Ct. near Dorchester Dr. in Leisure Village in Lakewood. Rescued from a Puppy Mill Bambi is extremely afraid of people. Bambi was found Saturday 2/26/2011 hiding under a bush and coaxed out by her owners. she is safe at home

UPDATE 3/19/2011: Bambi got loose again on 3/17/2011 when she was frightened by a man riding a bike,  Thanks to the great detective work done by Debbie, Bambi was once again recovered on 3/18/2011 she was found by Debbie hiding behind a building




Female Dalmatian lost around Fischer Blvd. in Toms River. Found at 4AM on 2/27/201 after a couple returning home from a night out found Keesha in their backyard and notified police who then contacted the owners. 




 Miniature Australian Shepard lost in Bricktown last seen on Rt.70 around Van Zile Road and Morris by  about 2 p.m. Saturday Feb 26th. She's very timid, and only weights 6 Lbs. and will run if you try to catch her.

UPDATE 3/3/2011: Loki has been caught, and is now home, Thanks to everyone who helped, Leslie, Bill, Debbie, Pam, Pat, Jenette and Especially Mike, Jenette's husband who, while working on the roof of The Home Depot was able to spot Loki and called to let us know where she was and kept an eye on her while the searchers closed in on her. This was more then a coincidence it was a small miracle. If not for Mike, Loki may never have been found alive




Is a 3 year old Black Lab who ran from Seaside Heights into Seaside Park on 3/3/2011. He was recently seen in Island Beach State Park where we believe he still is. If seen please contact us at  732-240-4181

UPDATE 3/18/2011: the search for Snoop has been suspended. We were unable to reach his owner to confirm if he has been found and after talking to Security at Island Beach State Park we were told that the lost dog flyers they had at their guard shack were no longer there and they did not know if Snoop has been recovered. *****

UPDATE 3/19/2011: Snoop has been recovered from the Manahawkin Shelter where he has been taken well care of. He is now back at home



FOUND DOG: This little sweetheart was found in Toms River, NJ and brought to the Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter in Manahawkin, NJ (609) 978-0127) on 3/11/2001. She was well cared for, groomed, and trained, so we believe someone loves this dog. Please Share this and help bring her home




3lb male black long hair w/tan chest Chihuahua lost around 1pm on 3/23/2011 near 1333 rt9n pleasant plaza toms river


While doing some gardening on Sunday 4/17/2011 I was crouched down picking weeds when I was approached by 2 stray Pit Bulls. My back was turned when they first approached me and as I turned to look one of them lunged at me and gave me the biggest lick on the face you can imagine, then they both ran down the road. I was able to catch them, with the help of my wife Debbie, at our neighbors house. They had collars but no tags on so Pam (Our Neighbor), My Wife and I walked around the neighborhood for about an hour looking for their owners. We were about to give up and call Animal Control when we came across a Police Officer who know the dogs from chasing them down before. In about 5 minutes the Officer (Anthony) Returned to our location with the owner and the 2 Pits were returned. PLEASE! people put name tags on your pets.




11 months old all brindle mutt (shepherd / boxer) male, 50 lbs, slim
last seen on Jamaica & Bananier, Toms River. lost around midnight on 5/21/2011


Griffin has been recovered by his owner on 5/22/2011, he was in the neighborhood, with his leash still on, he was wrapped around a tree. 




MISSING PUPPY in BEACHWOOD - $100 REWARD!!! This is our 10-week old puppy, her name is Tess. She went MISSING this morning, 7/19/2011 around 8am, near the area of Longboat and Nautilus St. Please help bring her home safe. She has a black spot on her eye and on her back. If found, please contact Beachwood Police, they are aware

UPDATE: 7/20/2011:

TESS IS HOME SAFE!!!! Thank you to all of our friends, family, and ILost MyDog for re-posting and going door-to-door. Thank you to Valerie Seiser for making great posters to help spread the word! & Dave received a phone call at 6am from a woman who found Tess yesterday morning on her way out. In fear of the heat, she scooped her up and brought Tess crabbing and fishing! Tess Adventures went late into the night and she saw the signs this morning. Again, THANK YOU ALL! We're happy that "Oh-fee Tess" is home! :)




Unknown if recovered, unable to contact owner


On Sunday night, July 17 2011, a yellow lab Dusty and a Nissan Versa car were stolen from the Holmdel Motor Inn. If you have any information regarding this dog, I would greatly appreciate it if you would contact us immediately. Thank you for any information you can provide.





Missing Min Pin in Howell, NJ. Last Seen on Sunnyside road off of Rt. 9. His name is Skribbles. He does not have a collar on. He has a cropped tail and floppy ears. If found PLEASE call 732 740 4228



Japanese Chin Dog

Unknown if recovered, unable to contact owner

LOST in Jackson: (ALL WHITE) 4 yr old MALE JAPANESE Chin escaped from the backyard July 20th at 730am (hair recently shaved down) 18 pounds, WEARING ONLY a black collar had no tags he is shy of strangers ! we called all local shelters and posted pics everywhere" & on craigslist still no sign!! lost JACKSON ,NJ in the brookwood 1 development
please call Brian 732 861-3577 REWARD $$$ offered
no questions asked just want his safe return

  In Memory Of Wally



8/15/2011: Our Sympathy goes out to the family of Wally who has been recovered and will be a loving part of her family's memory forever.

She is a loving dog... part Pointer, part Pit Terrier.  However, she is very skittish.  I'm sure she had a rough night last night (8/13/2011) with all the thunder and rain after she jumped the fence at Pampered Pets @ 951 Old Freehold Rd Toms River last night shortly after midnight




Ran out of the house on Sunday afternoon 8/14/2011 during the rain storm. Location: by of Silverton Rd and Fielders Lane in Toms River. She is black mix breed about 30 lbs w/short legs and is people friendly 

UPDATE: 8/15/2011

Suzy has been found at a neighbors house and is OK


Lost Poodle

Monday 8/22/2011

This little Princess, we believe, was either lost and the owner did not care enough to report her missing or was just dumped and left to survive on her own in the Holiday Heights section of Toms River. We are now in the process of finding her a forever home. 


UPDATE: 8/24/2011

All cleaned up and with a clean bill of health Annie, a Schnoodle, now has a name and a new loving forever home and is very happy with her new accommodations. 



Sunday 8/28/2011:

Male Yorkie FOUND this morning around 9AM in Beachwood by the Municipal Building.

Please call I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue @ 732-240-4181

UPDATE: Sunday 8/28/2011

Michael from Beachwood Animal Control called us and the owner had left a message with Animal Control that Luigi got out of their yard when the wind blew their gate open. Luigi owners came by to pick him up and he is now back to the safety and comfort of his own home.




lost on Tuesday 8/30/2011 6am

Toms River area around 1100 block of Glenwood Rd. We are looking for a LOST COCKAPOO by the name of Armani lost on 8/30/2011 6am please call 732-240-4181 if seen. He was last seen on Suburban Rd on 8/30/2011 at 9 pm

UPDATE: 10/29/2011

Several calls have been made and messages left to Armani's owner and none returned so we don't know if He has been recovered or not

UPDATE: 11/8/2011

Spoke with Armani's owners and Armani is still missing



Found around 8/28/2011 Running loose on Bimini Drive in the Holiday City Carefree Area. Please call Rose, 732- 608-3899 if you have any information on this dog. If no one answers please leave a message.




SNOWY: Lost 9/17/2011

Snowy slipped out under a fence from the 1200 block of Pacific Ave. Beachwood, NJ She was last seen heading toward Windward Ave. Snowy is a pit/mastive mix weighing about 60 lbs. She is white with black spots. If seen please contact the I Lost My Dog search Team at 732-240-4181

UPDATE: 9/19/2011

As of 9am 9/19/2011 Snowy has been found safe and sound at the Manahawkin Shelter


Rocky: Lost 10/1/2011

Lost in Lacey Twp. on 10/1/2011 last seen on Whitcomb, Longwood to Serpentine to Lakeside Drive South.. Rocky is fearful. 


Updates about Rocky can be found here:





Miniature Australian Shepard in Holiday City @ Berkley, vicinity of Harrington and Charlottesville, west of Baninier. she's around 6 lbs, She is very skittish so if sighted  please contact us at I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue ASAP at 732-240-4181

Update: 10/26/2011

Loki turned up in someone's backyard, thank God she had a tag on and the people that found her called her owner.  





Found 10/18/2011. While looking for Rocky, we found Ruby running in the streets on Bay Blvd. in Lanoka Harbor once again we had to stop traffic and luckily we were able to head her into someone's front yard where the owner of the house had the common sense to open the front gate and close it behind her and we was able to return her to her owner because she had ID on her collar. 





Buddy was found on 10/26/2011 wondering the woods in Holiday City, The residents called us to catch him  because he appeared to be such a scared and sweet soul and was out in the elements for 5 days and they did not want him to go to a shelter. As soon as we got him we took him to get groomed at Canine Design in Beachwood where Shirley always does an excellent job for us. Then to Dr. Force from Forked River Vet Hosp. where Buddy got a clean bill of health. Animal Control and the local shelters had no report of this dog so now we are in the process of finding him his new forever home.





Lost around 10/30/2011

Found: 11/4/2011

Thank you so much for your help. Poncho is home and doing well. He lost quite a bit of weight, and there are many tick scars on his body. She told me she took about six of them off him. I am taking him to the vet in the morning to have him checked for Lyme disease and to make sure he is ok. Again thank you for looking out for us; we really appreciate your help. Although I delayed having him chipped, but he’s getting chipped tomorrow. I thought having him chipped was a bit barbaric, but that’s changed.

Again thank you, and God bless. You guys provide an amazing service.



11/11/2011:  found dog in the Walden Woods development in Toms River! I am looking for the owner! I have put up fliers! It's an older female Pomeranian with a lot of gray around the same! She is very friendly! Thank you in advance for your help!!! 

Update 11/12/2011: Great News everyone! Owner of the Pomeranian that I found this morning came and picked up the dog! She lives in my development! She was so happy to get her dog back! That was a wonderful reunion!





Lost 11/13/2011

Barbi is a 10 month old Basset Hound, named " Barbi" ran away from the 1000 block Halliard Ave. in Beachwood between 10:00am and 5:45pm this Sunday, and she broke through the stockade fence and is now missing. The police were also called but they had no reports of stray dogs.  Barbi is tri-color, black brown white,  Basset Hound. She does have a micro chip implanted in her. If seen please call I Lost My Dog at 732-240-4181

UPDATE 11/14/2011

Barbi was found today 4 blocks away from our house. To all that searched I thank you.  If there is anything that I can do to support your organization please let me know. Once again thank you. Michal K.



Lost Dogs In Pine Beach

Lost & Found in Pine Beach


‎2 lost dogs found by Debbie and I while walking a clients dog in Pine Beach. With the help of the Pine Beach Police we were able to find the owner of both dogs. The dogs were just rescued and the tags they were wearing had old outdated numbers. I bumped into the owner just minutes before Berkley Animal Control showed up to pick up the dogs.



Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea:

Lost Saturday 11/19/2011 From Tudor Ave in Pine Beach is only a 1 year old Boston Terrier, If seen please contact us at I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue ASAP 732-240-4181

UPDATE 11/23/2011:

We got a call this morning, Sweet Pea was recovered, a neighbor saw her swimming in a cove and was able to get her and return her home





Lost Monday 11/21/2011 around 2pm. She is a Doberman Mix and weighs about 25Lbs. She went missing from the 800 block of Raleigh Dr. in Toms River. If seen please contact us at I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue ASAP 732-240-4181 

UPDATE 11/27/2011:

Athena was found at the corner of Utah and Vaughn by a neighbor and called her owners and they were able to recover her




Rocco went missing 11/26/2011, he is 2 year old fawn and white Chihuahua with no tags. He was last seen on Motor Rd. in Pine Beach behind the Soccer field, If seen please call us 732-240-4181

UPDATE 11/29/2011

Rocco was found by an (unknown person) and returned to his original owner




Lost 12/10/2011

Message From the owner:

Elana went missing on Saturday 12-10-11 from they Yorktown plaza on Hooper Ave. in Toms River, New Jersey after being groomed at the Brick Pet Salon. We have been walking door to door in all the neighborhoods where she went missing. The surrounding neighborhoods are all 55 and over communities, don't think they use the computer much. :( Please if you have a family member that lives in that area spread the word. Thank you!

Update 12/14/2011

Elana was spotted by someone who saw her running into the woods and called her owner. Hard work and persistence paid off for Elanas owner who flooded the area with flyers and knocked on doors letting everyone know about her lost dog. The family was called in to search the area and they found Elana hiding in a drainage ditch. Great Job for the whole family for their efforts.




Lost 12/12/2011 in Toms River on the 1000 Block of Indian Hill Rd. He escaped form his owners car while visiting family. Taco is a white and tan Chihuahua and was last seen running towards Hooper Ave. if seen you can call I Lost My Dog at 732-240-4181 ASAP

Update 12/15/2011

Taco's owner placed a blanket and food at the address Taco went missing from. Then, early Thursday morning 12/15/11, when his owner went to check it, Taco was laying on the blanket, a small miracle just before X-Mass.  


Lost in Flemington


Desperately trying to find Dodger!! This beautiful sweet and docile boy was adopted from the Toms River Animal Shelter on 11/13/11 but ran away from his new home on 11/17/11. His new home was on Featherbed Lane in Flemington, Hunterdon County, NJ near Hunterdon Medical Center. Anyone with any information PLEASE contact me through Facebook. His new owner and I are devastated!!! Any help you can provide is very much appreciated!

please contact us at I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue 732-240-4181




These two 6 month Pit Bull puppies were left abandoned in a Beachwood home when the renter got evicted. Thanks to Amy and her Happy Paws Rescue Group, they were able to come down from the South Plainfield area to the Toms River Area, where we were holding them so they would not have to go to a shelter, to pick them up and  foster them out and also make a vet appointment to have them checked out and spayed. 




Lost 2/8/2012 This image of ‘Maple’ was taken several years ago. She was seen last 2 days ago in the area of the Purple Heart Trail, Bunker Hill Bogs, on E. Veterans Hwy, Jackson.
http:// www.jacksonpathfinders.org/ pages/trails/6johnson.htm
Primarily white in color, Maple has some brown areas on her fur, a bit longer than depicted here, and a pinkish irregular tumor on the upper inner portion of her right eye.... Her demeanor is friendly and somewhat timid. She may have a collar, tags, and 3 brown leather leashes attached. She was tethered to two other dogs; one unclipped himself and a greyhound mix slipped her pink collar after dragging this 30 lb. 14-year-old terrier with cataracts. The larger dog was in the water and had mud caked in her fur when she was found. Maple was possibly injured in the ordeal.
  Any help in finding her alive or locating her remains will be greatly appreciated.
Please contact Garry: 732-833-7703 or 908-839-5889 (cell) Gail: 908-839-5891 (cell)
or I Lost My Dog-609-276-4939

Click on map for larger view

This is a view of the Purple Heart Trail in Jackson NJ, the entrance is on 805 East Veterans Highway, If anyone has some free time to help search the area for Maple, She has 3 leashes still attached to her, She is 14 years old and has been out there for 5 days now. Any and all help would be appreciated in her recovery. 3 dogs got loose and only 2 were recovered, Maple, the third dog is still missing.

UPDATE: 3/24/2012

Its another small miracle, Maple was recovered a few days ago and is on medications for lyme and a few other things she had contracted but she is OK. she was hiding under someone's porch tired, scared and sick 





Lost 2/23/2012 He ran away on Thursday 2/23/12 in Holiday City Adult community in Toms River, NJ.  He was last seen by 7 Bimini Drive, Toms River, NJ.    If you need any other information please do not hesitate to call I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue 609-276-4939

Update 2/29/2012

Mugsy is home and safe and he is just fine. He was on Route 37 at the Toms River Regional Bus Co. A driver saw him and cornered him.




Is a Tan w/ white chest Pomeranian that went missing from the 800 block of Dorset Passage, Toms River at midnight on 2/29/2012, Bitty is very friendly and submissive. She is very scared   has never been away from home for this long. If you have her or know where she is please contact us at I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue ASAP 609-276-4939

Update 3/3/2012

Bitty was actually found about an hour after she got out of her yard, the people who found her looked to return her to her owner for 2 days. People like the ones that found Bitty restore my faith or the good in people. Great Job!


STACKER 3/10/2012

While out working today we got a call from one of our friends and neighbors, Carla, about a loose pit bull that got into another neighbors yard. The neighbor whose yard the dog was trapped in had called the police. When the police arrived they wanted to call animal control but Carla was smart enough to tell them she knew the owners just to avoid the dog going to the shelter and called us. We took the dog home and after several calls back and forth were able to find the owners of Stacker who came and got him. Good work Carla for your fast thinking and from saving Stacker and his owners the stress and money of having him sheltered.







on 3/29/2012 we answered a email that we received to find a home for a 10 Month old American Bulldog that went by the name of Isabel. We talked to one of our neighbors that has been looking for a puppy that matched his family's energy levels and Isabel was a perfect match. She is now re-named Maya and bonded with the family immediately. We wish Maya and her new family many years of health and happiness and I Lost My Dog is happy we were able to  unite them together.


One Eyed Jack


on 4/4/2012 on our way to walk our dogs we spotted this little Chihuahua mix walking down the street. When Debbie approached him he came running to her. Some of the information on his collar was wrong and we were unable to return him to his  home so we put him in our newly built dog kennel.  We called the police and Animal Control to see if anyone reported him missing but no one did. Just as the police officer arrived One Eyed Jacks owner showed up and Jack went back home with a happy look on his face. Great job Debbie! 






















Lost on 5/4/2012, Bella a Chi mix, dug out from under a gate and was last seen in a section of woods between Rt9 and West Arverne Ave in Ocean Gate. If you see her please contact us at I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue ASAP 732-240-4181 or the Ocean Gate Police or Berkeley Animal Control

UPDATE: 5/4/2012

Bella has been recovered and is back home safe and sound








This one is special to us, see his story here:

 One Eyed Jack's Story









On 5/9/2012 while doing a pet sitting job, I opened the door on the van and in popped Tank. He came out of nowhere jumped into the van and on my lap and started licking my face. Debbie went into the house to take care of the pets we we were hired to do. I stood outside with Tank waiting for his owner to show up. After about 20 minutes I called to police to see if anyone reported a missing dog they said no and took the information and after another 10 minutes Tanks owner showed up to claim him. He did not have tags on and was happy to be reunited with his owners.  




8/25/2012- Another successful chase tonight, with the help of a kind family we chased a little loose Chi mix 2 blocks back to his home. The owner admitted that the dog knows how to open the screen door, I was blunt and told her to fix it before the dog gets killed! Another great job from Debbie and the gentleman that helped block the Chi from getting away again. Sorry no picture, Ko-Ko ran in the house before I could get my camera out.



3 Little Kitten s- Moe - Lary - Curley

3 Little Kittens:

On Friday 9/21/2012 We received a call from a woman in Holiday City stating that someone trapped several stray cats from her neighborhood and gave them to Berkeley Animal Control but they didn't realize that one of the strays was a new mother of 3 kittens that were left behind. The woman was afraid that the kittens were only a few weeks old and would die if someone didn't attend to their needs so we responded to her call. We do not know how she got our number but said that she had heard we do dog rescues and could we help. Needless to say we now have the 4 week old kittens and will hold onto them till they are old enough to be on their own and then we will find a forever home for them. We took the kittens over to Forked River Animal Hosp. to Dr. Force who is always there for us and except for some fleas all 3 are in great health.



Found Beagle:

Monday 10/1/2012  Just got a call from someone who found a Female Beagle on Bone Hill Rd. & Rt. 37 in Manchester. Please call if you are her owner 609-276-4939. This dog is micro chipped but its unregistered, The Micro Chip company said this is the 4 time they received a call about this chip number.

Someone recognized this post and was the 5TH one to find this dog. we were told that the owner of Mindy had zero interest in this pet and had entrusted Mindys care to an 8 year old and that's why the dog keeps getting out. The person that last found Mindy did not know the address of the owner but told us that they had put up posters all over and on one replied. The way Mindy was returned last time was when the owner just happened to passing by while Mindy was being walked and she was returned. We have exhausted every possibility to find Mindys owner and in her best interest we will leave the decision up to the person that has been taking care of her as to what will happen to her. The person that has Mindy now is a true animal lover and only wants what is best for Mindy, We trust his decision 100%



10/17/2012 Please keep your eyes open for Bella a 7 year old white Bichon that went missing from the 900 block of Egret Dr. in Toms River. She did have collar on with ID but due to the conditions on how she got out the collar may have been removed, She was last seen on 10/17/2012 shortly after 2pm in the Shop Rite parking lot on Fischer Blvd in TR. She is chipped but the chip is not activated. Any sightings or information please call us at I Lost My Dog at 609-276-4939 



Bella's Lost Dog Poster

In Memory Of Suzie



On 11/7/2012 We received a call from the son of an elderly gentleman who while out side during Hurricane Sandy, we believe he was evacuating his house in Ocean Gate, was holding his 13 year Shih Tzu when he heard a loud bang and fell dropping his dog. His Shih Tzu also got startled and swam away into the flood waters. Sadly on 11/12/2012 we were informed Suzie did not survive. This is a harsh reality of what a hurricane do and our condolences go out to Suzie's family





On 11/7/ 2012 we received a call from the owners of a dog named Lily saying she had escaped from their car while out shopping. She had run away wearing her harness with a flexi leash still attached, Thanks to Doreen, Rosanne and a few other special  people that saw the post on face book, launched an all out campaign to put up flyers and knock on doors in the neighborhood where Lily disappeared. and on  11/11/2012 someone found lily and returned her to her owner


FOUND 2/11/2014



Lost on Saturday 11/17/2012, Annie's owner left for a trip to Fla and Annie was in the care on a family member when she ran out the door when someone was leaving the house. Annie was adopted by the owner in August 2012 from the Popcorn Park Zoo. Annie is a 10 Lb. 4 year old Yorkie / Poodle mix Black & Tan in color with curly hair. She was wearing a red collar with ID when she escaped and is Micro Chipped. Annie was last seen running into the woods on Congasia Rd by Brockton Ct. in Crestwood Village #6, Manchester Twp. More info can be found here:



Messi got out of the back yard on Harbor Ridge Ave in Bayville on 11/22/2012 in the AM hours, through a broken slat in the fence. The owner said that Messi likes to head towards the Potter School. Messi is White and Brown and has been groomed recently no collar or tags. and no pic. Please keep your eyes open and if you see Messi you can contact us or the Bayville Police.

That is all the info we have at this time.

Messi has been recovered 11/23/2012, Special thanks to Joanne Eckert from the Manahawkin Shelter for putting 2+2 together. The color the owner gave us was wrong and after several failed attempts to contact the owner Joanne clued us in on this dog, after finally confirming with the owners daughter that Messi was the dog at the shelter we terminated our search.




A Boston Terrier was lost from Oak Ct in Lanoka Harbor on 12/27/2012 and recovered on 12/28/2012 She was found on the path behind the CVS on Rt.9





KING- tan brindle Chihuahua is lost since 12/30/12 8:30PM last seen near LACEY ROAD and ROUTE 9 in Forked River. He was last seen at Applebee's on 12/30/12

UPDATE 1/6/2013:

Yesterday morning (1/5/13) the owners got a phone call from L.T.P.D . , That women found King in her mothers back yard, in the Pheasant run area . She lured him in with bacon , got him inside and then called the cops




Found in South Toms River on 1/8/2013, We have this dog. The owner can call us at I Lost My Dog - 732-240-4181 but must be able to prove its theirs. no other info will be posted about this dog till after the dog is claimed

UPDATE 1/8/2013:

Bully is Home. A very sad story, Bully is owned by a young girl in maybe her mid 20's with 2 small children that just lost her husband this November. Bully was in the back yard and he managed to dig his way out, under a fence to go on a little adventure. One of our neighbors Carla recognized the dog and took Debbie and I to Bully's home. We repaired the hole and put some slate over it so he cant get out again and hopefully Bully will stay put. Our good deed for the day!





Dexter got loose today 1/20/2013 and we can't find him anywhere. He is blind and therefore timid of people but he has a tag on his collar. His collar is khaki and and has a design with some maroon in it. He is micro chipped. He was last seen at 8am this morning. We live near the Lanoka Harbor First Aid building on Lake Barnegat Drive North

UPDATE 1/20/2013 @ 11:45 pm:

Dexter has been found on a neighbors porch and is back home safe and sound.



Houdini: 2/5/2013

 Formerly known as Bully, a Rat Terrier mix who is 7 Months old, has a sad story. Bully was owned by a young girl in maybe her mid 20's with 2 small children that just lost her husband this November. Bully was in the back yard and he managed to dig his way out, under a fence to go on a little adventure. Since I posted the original story on January 8th 2012, Bully has gotten out 2 more times. We asked Bullies owner to sign him over to us and we changed his name to Houdini who is now up for adoption to the right owner. I cannot even begin to tell you how sweet a boy Houdini is but he absolutely needs to be in an active environment, If interested please get in touch with us. 




Went Missing in Toms River (by Oak Dale Rd between Vaughn & Coolidge near High School East) on 2/5/2013
Brown, black, & white male sheltie. Fixed. Wearing blue collar, no tags. Very friendly. Answers to "Shane". Please network and call 732-300-1331 if you have seen this dog or know someone who has him.

Shane is home! Thank you EVERYONE for all your help. A small girl on the school bus saw him on Coolidge Ave. in Toms River and called the owner about 4pm. The search team went out this afternoon and they got him! He's a little thin and very dirty, but happy to be back home where he belongs. I cant thank everyone enough for all your tireless efforts and time. He wouldn't be back home without ALL your help!! God bless you all! xox

  In Memory Of Morgan


Morgan is missing due to a house fire. She escaped from her home when it caught fire on February 18th 2013 in the early morning. She lived on 6 Hilltop Drive in Bayville NJ. The house is destroyed. The Buzinkai Family had rescued Morgan from a horrible life and gave her nothing but love since. She is a loving and friendly dog. Morgan is a Boxer mix around 3 or 4 years old, tan w/ black muzzle

UPDATE: 2/26/2013

 Morgan has been found. I wish I could report a happy reunion, but the inspectors at the house finally found her remains today. She apparently had ran back into the house during the fire. She was buried under debris.




Found In Holiday City Toms River

On 3/3/2013 I saw a post on our Lost Dogs in Ocean County Facebook page  Stating

Large Black Dog loose in Holiday City South
(Possibly a Lab or Lab mix)

Near intersection of Mule Road and Davenport Rd. ( Near PAVO Restaurant)
Neighbors and Police were unable to catch the dog yesterday and he is still running around the area. Friendly but spooks easy!

Normally we do not chase Strays unless there is a present danger and we felt that this intersection would be a sure death for this dog so we went out looking for him. 

 He has been out for several days and apparently no one reported him missing, At least he will have warmth, food but most of all safety.  Debbie leash caught him. 2 minutes after we set the trap we drove around and saw him in a backyard then Debbie went in the yard with a leash and a hotdog and emerged about a minute later with the dog in tow. Mike from Animal Control picked him up and took him to the Manahawkin Animal Shelter.



Male Yorkie
Went missing again in Beachwood on Ocean Ave in the area of the Municipal Building on 3/1/2013, we just got the call on 3/6/2013, if seen PLEASE call The I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue Team 609-276-4939 ASAP. Thanks!

UPDATE: 3/6/2013:

GREAT NEWS! Luigi is back home with his owner he was at the Manahawkin Animal Shelter all this time and was actually picked up by animal control on 2/27/2013 Its just a shame that Luigi's owner had our number and couldn't find it earlier then Luigi would not have had to spend a week at the shelter.







  In Memory Of Bear


Bear is a rescue, and recently off transport from the south, escaped from his foster in Beachwood on 4 /21/2013. After extensive searching his body was recovered on the Garden State Parkway by State Troopers on 4/22/2013being cared for by a foster. Bear escaped from the foster then ran onto the Garden State Parkway in Beachwood and was killed


Weezy AKA-Tank:

Lost on 5/4/2013, Weezy got out of her backyard when a lawn maintenance worker left the back gate open. Last seen running down Whitesville Rd, by Rt70 and heading in the direction towards Cox Crow Rd in Toms River. If spotted you can call The Lost Dog Search & Rescue Team at 609-276-4939 or Angie her owner at 732-814-0517 

Weezy has been RECOVERED on 5/5/2013 A neighbor had found her and kept her safe.





5/23/2013: Lost Yorkie mix in Brick. From Lance Dr. In Lyons Head N. 12 lbs. female 4 years old with red leash still attached. volunteers out their now from Popcorn Park Zoo her name is Lola and was recently adopted. Chipped and tagged if seen please call us 609-276-4939

Lola's story:
 Lola, a 4 year old Yorkie mix that came to the Popcorn Park Shelter in August of 2012 with several of her little friends. Lola was one of dozens of dogs that
we removed from a terrible hoarding situation. These poor little dogs were so frightened and shy, and quite unaccustomed to being handled. It took some time and patience, and eventually all of them came out of their shells. Lola was adopted quickly, but was returned recently for being skittish around young children. This little lady has had it pretty tough in her young life

UPDATE 6/14/2013:

Lola was trapped in a Have-A-Heart live trap by someone trying to catch Raccoons and taken back to the Popcorn Park Shelter where she will stay and recover from her ordeal and maybe go back up for adoption to the right forever home


Search Called Off


LOST YORKIE, from Carnegie St in South Toms River no pic at this time not wearing a collar Went missing this morning 6/14/2013. will update info as I get it, PLEASE contact us if seen 609-276-4939

UPDATE: 6/16/2013:

This search is called off due to non compliance by Buddy's owners. The owner is to busy to make any flyers and is not answering or returning any calls. We also found out that this is the 3rd time this dog has escaped from their yard in a short period of time and the fence is still not fixed. The owner also has ID's and collars for her dogs but does not put them on. So at this point we do not know if this dog has been found.

UPDATE 6/202013:

I just got word from a neighbor of the owner, This little Yorkie was hit by a car and died. This death should have and could have been prevented.




Abby went missing from the 500 block of Wood St. in Toms River, Shes was frightened by the storm and pushed the back door open, no collar or tags. Extreemly fearful but friendly. Anbby is a lab mix weighing about 50 lbs. Contact Cynthia her owner at 732-5514080 or I Lost My Dog Search Team at 609-2764939 if seen

UPDATE 6/21/2013

 At 5am this morning 6/21/13 a neighbor saw Abby sitting on the owners front steps and knocked on the door, Abby walked in her house like nothing happened.


Originally Puggles went missing on 6/7/13 in the Lakewood area manor drive/chestnut St when he got out of his home by digging under a fence...He's tan and black only 8 months old he is super friendly had no collar. On 6/28/13 a couple went into a local pet store and told one of our volunteers that happen to be there that they had found the puppy about 2 weeks ago but our volunteer could not get any more information from the couple. A few weeks after that the woman was seen by the owner walking the pug in her neighborhood. The owner confronted the woman and called the police but the dog was not chipped and the woman disappeared down the road and the owner was unable to follow her.
UPDATE 9/20/2013:
The people that had Puggles finally returned him to the rightful owner after 3 1/2 Months


Lost on September 14th, from the 200 block of Fairmont Rd. in Cape May Court House NJ. He is a Mini Australian Shepard If seen Please call Becca Kincade 907-942-8086

UPDATE 9/6/2013 :

From Becca Kincade: I got a call this morning. He had traveled about 2 miles! He is home! Very tired but home!

Lost on 9/9/2013 Meister escaped from his house on Beachwood Blvd. in Beachwood NJ through a partially open window and then pushed out the screen. He walked over to a neighbors house down the street. Thanks to  Michael Kakascik for finding him and calling us at I Lost My Dog,

UPDATE 9/9/2013 :

Meister was reclaimed by his owner, a former Chief of Police a few hours later when a call was placed to Mike from Animal Control and he in turn called us.


Boo The Cat


Sassy- Before

Sassy- After


Bijou was found by one of our volunteers Denise Gallo 9/13/2013 behind the Toms River Animal Hospital on Rt37 in Toms River she's a older girl, matted and covered in fleas. Possibly from Holiday City. Any information will be appreciated, Please call 609-276-4939 we need to get her home ASAP or she will have to go to Animal Control. Thanks! I Lost My Dog Search Team

UPDATE 9/13/2013:
Bijou has been clamed by her owner a half hour after she got out

UPDATE 9/14/2013:

After a great deal of concern about her condition, some of the group members of the Lost Dogs in Ocean County Facebook Group took up a collection to get Bijou groomed and this is her now.



Lost on 9/21/2013 Buddy Went missing From south stump tavern road Jackson NJ they where with a friend watching them. he took them for a walk off leash and they took off after something. The one came back Buddy didn't

UPDATE 9/24/2013:

Per Lisa Basselini BUDDY is found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was spotted at a standard bred barn. Watching the horses go around and hanging out with a cat! They couldn't catch him but called me. He looks fine . A little limpy but not bad. Thank you everyone for your forwards and help.


Recovered in Beachwood on 9/25/2013 at about 5:15 pm I spotted Bella running through the streets while going to a pet sitting job, a woman on a bike was trying to recover her, it wasn't her dog but just wanted to help out. I followed Bella about a block and a half before I could get her attention and leashed her. The Ironic thing is that when the owner finally showed up all she could say to me is "mind your own business", not even a thank you. like the saying goes "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"
In Memory Of Spencer

Lost from Oakcrest Drive
City: East Brunswick on 9/30/2013

UPDATE 9/30/2013

We just got word the Spencer was hit by a car and did not make it. One of the harsh realities of what can happen when a dog gets away from their owners. Not something I want to hear! our condolences to the family.


Found in Island Heights on 10/9/2013 in the vicinity of Lake Ave but may have been running loose since 10/8/2013. Male tri-color Beagle now at the Ocean County Animal Facility - North in Jackson

  Re Homed

Rocky is a 7 Month old puppy and needs a lot of exercise and proper training. Because he is a puppy, Rocky has a lot of energy that has to be drained. Rocky will do well with a family that knows the breed. If interested please call us at 732-240-4181


Missing in Toms River. 2 year old female chocolate Lab named Pucca from the 2500 block of Whitesville Rd in Toms River. Missing since 10/15/2013 at 1 P.M.. Any information or sightings please call us at I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue at 609-276-4939

PUCCA's Lost Dog Poster

Unknown Name

Found running in the street on Brandies Rd. South Toms River, we chased him till he finally went to his house, Debbie knocked on the door to verify that that was the house he belonged in and let the owner know he was loose and running in the street.
  Re Homed

"Cane Corso"



Missing from Orlando Dr. Toms River:
Mitchell has been missing since 11/3/2013 at around noon when he left the back of the property into a wooded area and headed toward the Club House on Mule Rd. If seen please contact I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue either by Facebook or calling 609-276-4939 Thank You!

 UPDATE 11/5/2013 9:20 AM  Mitchell's owner received a call from a home owner in the area that saw a flyer she had posted and called her. At first Mitchell ran away then when he realized it was his mommy he ran up to her. GREAT NEWS! but please keep you dog on a leash when letting them outside.


LOST IN TOMS RIVER: SALLY, a brindle lab mix weighs about 30 Lbs. lost from 3000 block of Norma Rd, Toms River. Sally went missing 11/18/2013. If seen call I Lost My Dog 732-773-9121, Police and Animal Control have been notified. Sally is micro chipped and is wearing a collar she is extremely fearful so either approach with caution or call us. Thank You!

Sally's Lost Dog Flyer

UPDATE 11/26/2013 Sally was found around the corner on Whitesville Rd hiding in the back of a house with some structures. Sally 's leg is splinted by the vet and back with the adopted owner and Sally has to go in for surgery today 11/27/2013 on her leg. Despite her injury she is a lucky girl to survive the cold and to still be alive.

Midnight a black GSD was let out at 1:30 am in Beachwood on 12/17/2013 by the owners wife and was recovered by the South Toms River Police on 12/17/13 at 4:30 pm and returned to his owner

Bailey escaped from a home in Toms River off Fischer Blvd. at 5 am on 1/2/2014 and was found by a neighbor at 7 am but was not recovered by his owner till 5 PM due to a miscommunication

German Blockhead Rotti"



Chloe went missing from her Jackson NJ home from the 200 block of White Rd.on Jan 8th 2014 when se bolted out of her house after seeing a deer.

UPDATE: 1/12/2014
 Luckily after 5 days a neighbor, while playing with his dog in the back your saw Chloe hiding under his deck and was able to lure her out and return her to her owner.  


Cali 1/13/2014 was being cared for by someone in Toms River while the owner was away and did something she never did before and jumped a fence in the caregivers back yard then got onto the parkway and headed south getting off the on ramp of exit 82 and hasn't been seen since

Cali's Lost Dog Flyer

UPDATE 1/17/2014: Cali has been recovered. After receiving a tip we got form a couple that spotted Cali the information was passed onto Cali's owner and after a 2 day search of the area buy I Lost My Dog and Craig one of our volunteers and the owners, Cali was spotted by her owners father and recovered safely

LOST IN TOMS RIVER on 1/13/2014 @ 11:00 AM: Eddie a 3 year old male Toy Yorkie lost when he jumped out of the rear window of car while driving on Buckwald Dr. behind the Ocean County Collage in Toms River. He was sighted by 2 maintenance workers but attempts to catch him resulted in him running into the woods on Buckwald Dr. at the path opposite the construction site right at the 35 MPH sign. Any sightings you can call his owner Chris at 908-773-9571 or us (I Lost My Dog) at 732-773-9121 Eddie is silver and tan wearing a harness.

UPDATE 1/15/2014:
FOUND by his owner in the woods


1/15/2014: On the way to one of our clients house we see a little white dog sitting in the middle of Whittier Ave in Toms River. I sometimes just cant believe people will just pull around and do nothing. we stopped the van and blocked traffic and Debbie got out to get him to safety off the road. This little guy ran up to Debbie like a long lost friend. After we got him out of the street his owner came out and got him, apparently there was a opening in their fence and Milo wasted no time in finding it.

While on the way to walk our dogs we saw this dog roaming the streets, after a few minutes of Debbie trying to catch him his owner showed up to take him home.



Lexie Lost from Rutland Court in Whiting, Crestwood Village #6, went missing 1/25/2014 at 8:30 AM last seen heading north on Congasia by the Village Center or Club House please call Us with any info 732-773-9121 Lexie is a female hound mix weighing around 50 lbs light tan and white, no collar and not chipped thanks

UPDATE, 1/27/2014 @ 10:20 AM:

We just got the call from Victoria Schlegel and her dad that someone in Crestwood Village#5 spotted Lexie and called Manchester Animal Control who in turn called them and they were able to recover her

I felt I needed to post this and it just happened today 1/26/2014 @ around 8 AM, We got a call early this morning for a 10 year old dog named Cody, heavily tagged with ID and never wondered away in the 10 years of his life. Cody's owner let him out at 3 AM to do his business and something caught his attention and he took off. When we got the call he was missing we immediately went out to search. Debbie asked his owner if she had called the Police and Animal Control to report ...him gone and she said why? he has tags on, if someone finds him they will call. Debbie now told her to call the police and GUESS WHAT? someone had found him and instead of checking his visible ID they reported it to the police. Cody has been returned home happy and healthy. DO NOT ASSUME that #1 your dog will never take off if unleashed and #2 that ID will bring him back home. 2 lessons to be learned and just thought I would pass it along!




Lost from the 1300 block of Longboat Ave in Beachwood NJ on 1/28/2014 at around 10:30 PM, Camo is a white Jack Russell Terrier with Tan Ears and a tan patch on one eye. Camo weighs between 20 & 25 Lbs. If seen you can call the Lost Dog Search & Rescue Team at 609-276-4939

Camo's Lost Dog Flyer

UPDATE: 1/30.2014: 
We got a call from a utility worker at the OCU On Northern Blvd that saw Camo as we were searching for him this morning and Camo was at the far end of Johnson's Pit, he gave us the location and we notified Camos owners as we headed to the location. When we arrived Camo's owner Destiny was just walking out of the pit area. Mike the OCU worker met us there also to see the reunion. The true sign of a good person is one that does things to help, Mike was offered a reward and refused. Nice work and a thank you also for Tina who let us set a trap up on her property and for her post on the Ocean County Police Blotter that set things in motion

Found in Beachwood 1/30/2014 @ 6:00 AM

The little Chihuahua living in the wooded area by the Saint Barnabas Roman Catholic Church in Bayville for the past 6 Months is in custody. This little Girl was living in a hollowed out log and living off scraps of food the neighbors we...re leaving out. The Berkeley Animal Control and Us, The I Lost My Dog Search Team, working together had set out traps when we found out where this little 5 pounder was living and this morning 1/30/2014 at 6 AM got a call that this little Chihuahua was in our cat trap. This little Chi will be heading toward the Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter this morning to get the well needed medical attention it needs, then up for adoption. See More


In Memory of Gizmo

GIZMO - 2/10/2014

Missing dog in South Toms River: Gizmo, he's a Japanese Chin wearing a red collar. He's skittish may not come up to strangers! Last seen 830pm Monday night 2/10/2014 around the exit 80gsp off ramp ( parkway blvd, double trouble rd, & Dover rd) any info please call us at I Lost My Dog 609-276-4939
UPDATE 2/12/2014 @ 5:40 PM, It is with extreme sadness that I make this post. Today at 4:30 PM we received a call from Doreen, who has been following Gizmo's story, that she was on the GSP South Bound Side just before mile marker #80 where she spotted a small lifeless body of a black and white dog in the medium. She went back to check to verify it was a dog and it was, it was Gizmo. We notified the State police and Gizmo's owner and even though Gizmo's body was recovered we hope his owners find some comfort knowing his soul has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Our sincere condolences go out to Tia, Pat and Sandy and hope that all the good memories of Gizmo will remain with them forever....

Rex - 3/1/2014

Rex went missing on 2/28/2014 at about 9 PM in South Toms River from a backyard that had an open gate. Luckily a neighbor was able to hold him overnight until the found out who he belonged to and was reunited the next day 3/1/2014

Bean 3/8/2014

Found in Forked River on Rt 9 by the Forked River Animal Hospital, please contact us at Lost Dog Search & Rescue 732-240-4181 if you know who this dog belongs to. Found Saturday 3/8/2014 at around 7:30 PM

UPDATE 3/9/2014

Bean is now back at home, thank you to Lori Riley Tonachio for finding Bean, keeping him safe and contacting us to help find Beans humans



Went Missing on Friday 3/7/14 8PM

Doc is a 13 Year old Pit Mix that got out of his back yard when a surveyor left a gate open earlier in the day in the 500 Block of Delos Dr. Toms River he was last seen by Hooper and Indian Hill Rd. if seen contact owner Tricia  @ 732-600-4585 or Lost Dog Search & Rescue 732-773-9121

UPDATE 3/10/2014

Doc is at the NEW Toms River Shelter, Picked up by Animal Control on Friday



I cannot stress this enough " PUT ID ON YOUR DOG" This is a perfect example of why. Today (3/13/2014) we received a call about a Husky that escaped in Bayville but before I could even post it and start our search Nanook was recovered, WHY? ...Nannok was wearing ID and had been caught by a crossing guard and they called the number on the tag so he was returned home safe and quickly. Dogs will escape no matter how hard you try to keep them safe and this is a responsible and caring pet owner who did the right thing by Microchipping and putting a collar with ID on his dog. These are the stories I like to share and people should take a hint from Rob and be responsible by tagging your pet. We are so glad Nanook is back home safe and soundSee More


Abandoned by his owner and being released  onto a busy street, Alberto, a 4.5 Lb. Long Haired Chihuahua was brought to or attention by a concerned Facebook Group Member. Alberto has been recovered, taken to the Vet and has all his shots and also has been neutered. After doing some detective work his owner was contacted and showed no interest in wanting him back so Albert has been give a new home where he will be safe and loved.


Thank you to I lost my dog search team we were able to locate the missing Shi Tzu out of Lacey twsp. It was illegally being held by someone and through great leg work and follow ups we were able to get the dog back...


Missing in Gilford Park, Toms River: 1 slow overweight hound. Her name is Clover she doesn't bite and loves kids.

UPDATE 4/3/14 at 10:45 am

 Clover has been found 3 blocks away at a neighbors house



Went Missing on Friday 4/4/2014 at 3:00PM

Zina, went missing on 4/4/2014 from the corner of Franklin and Ocean, in Seaside Heights she is under 2 years old and is a Rat Terrier/Poodle Mix. Zina is blonde on white long hair about 7 Lbs. Last seen on 4/5/2014 at L Street and The Blvd in Seaside Park. If Seen please contact her owner Michelle at 848-210-0484 or I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue at 609-276-4939

********UPDATE 4/17/14 at 5:55 PM **********
I just got the call, Zina was caught by the Seaside police and is on her way home. More info will be posted as we get it. Kudos to the SSHPD and thank you for caring!

  In Memory of Rocky


*******UPDATE 4/15/2014*******It is with extreme sadness that I make this post and I hope everyone reading this will understand the feelings of Rocky's family in their time of sorrow by respecting their privacy and allowing them time to heal.... Today, Tuesday , 4/15/2014 Rocky's body was recovered. We hope his owners find some comfort knowing his soul has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Our sincere condolences go out to Rocky's family and hope that all the good memories of Rocky will remain with them forever.... No other information will be posted about Rocky so please keep Rocky's Family in your prayers. See More

Manchester Twp. Lost Shiba Inu from Walk About Ct in Country Walk. Name Flint Male weighs about 30 Lbs.... and looks like a fox he pulled out of his collar while being walked so he is not wearing a collar or ID please call us Lost Dog Search & Rescue 732-773-9121 if seen. there is no picture available and Flint was being cared for while owner is on vacation and the pet sitter is handicapped See More

********** UPDATE **********
FOUND at 7:45 AM
 on 4/16/14

Reported to us by Danielle Jackson on Facebook

April 23 at 8:27am

just saw a black and tan cocker spaniel with a bandana on struck by a car on Cooliage Ave in Toms River. He got up and ran into the woods near High School East. I've tried for a half hour looking for him. He had a collar and tags on too.

Thanks to our Volunteer Craig Saltarelli who searched and help find Mac who was returned home and taken to the vet and had no injuries.



Lost in Freehold NJ
SNICKERS a 12lb Pomeranian / Poodle mix went missing on 4/28/14 at 4:30pm from Decicco Dr in Freehold NJ, Snickers is wearing ID and if seen or found please call his owner Susan at 908-812-6798 or the Lost Dog Search & Rescue 732-773-9121

UPDATE 5/1/2014
Family member found him in the woods on a trail, he will be going to the vet to be checked out

Lost in Bayville on 5/2/2014

*******Missing*********** from Bayville. She is about 3 yrs old Pitbull. She is not fixed. She is friendly. If anyone has seen her or has information on her please contact Lisa immediately 848-448-1231. Thank you Berkeley PD is aware along with animal control. Thank you!! Hope this is ok to post. BTW her name is precious, Precious went missing from Cedar Crest rd, in Bayville

UPDATE 5/2/2014

*******Reunited******* A woman down the street had seen the dogs wandering the neighborhood and called them over. Precious came over and was put in her yard till she saw precious was missing on a Facebook post and the other continued on with the journey only to be caught by Animal Control, Nice work by the neighbor and the Animal Control Agent and Facebook sharing


Lost in Brick on 4/24/2014

Not much info. Reported to us as lost and we read in the internet on 5/11/2014 that she was recovered

Lost 5/6/2014

Lost in Cape May County Daisy is blind and deaf wandered off her property and got lost in the woods. Thanks to Rob Hanlon from HANLON'S K9 LLC and his tracking dog Daisy was seen and we set a trap.

UPDATE 5/11/2014
Daisy was picked up be State Troopers walking on Rt 9 and is back home safe and sound


Stolen 5/13/2014

A women in a White Lexus 4 door coup .blonde , heavy set picked up a yorkie poo.on Mt.. Carmel and Yorktown Blvd in Toms River.

UPDATE: 5/15/2014
We received a call at around 11:30 PM on 5/14/2014 from Amanda saying what she saw on our post fits a woman she knew to a T and also that the woman she knew was a animal hoarder so she gave us her name, when I did a reverse look up I saw the this woman lived within a couple of miles of where Beau was picked up at and in the direction that Bob the Mailman said the Lexus was headed. I called Donna and told her while Debbie called Laura, Beaus owner, and told them we were going to the location to see if there was a white Lexus parked in the driveway and Guess what? It was, just as Bob described it was loaded with junk ( just like you would expect a hoarder to do) so we parked our Rescue Van behind her car blocking it in. We had no time to think just react so we knocked on her door and from an upstairs window she kept asking who is it. I cant tell you what Debbie said to get her out but she came to the door and opened it with Beau in her arms. This woman was trying to get out the front door without letting her other 3 or 4 dogs out and asked Debbie what she wanted Debbie then snatched Beau and said I came for him, then Debbie handed Beau to me and I locked him in the Van (with the windows open of course) and called Donna to let her know we had Beau and ask if she could call Laura to let her know. While this woman was still trying to explain her actions Debbie got on her cell and called the Toms River Animal Control to report the horrid living conditions at her residence and when Animal Control gets there they will also check if the other dogs this woman owns are hers or are other dogs that went missing in the area that we have been looking for. I cant give a name or location in case there will be actions taken against this thief.
After receiving a tip on who the thief was, we traced the name and address, went to the home and took Beau out of the arms of the thief and returned him home.

Found 5/30/2014

While searching for Lost Dog Lola in Beachwood, Kathy found and returned this lost dog to its owner. The owner was not aware the dog was missing. Nice Work Kathy!

Missing on Monday 5/26/2014

Lola escaped from her yard in the 700 Block of Cable Ave in Beachwood when a kid threw a firecracker into the BBQ, she was recovered on Sunday 6/1/2014 from a backyard in the 500 block of Pacific Ave. where the homeowner was able to container her till Lola's owner was able to get there

6 other dogs were loose that we helped recover while we were searching for Lola.

Lost 5/26/2014
She went missing last evening (Monday 5/26) after 10 PM in the cable avenue area of Beachwood when a kid threw a firecracker into a BBQ grill

UPDATE 6/3/2014
Lola was found in the backyard of a home in the 400 block of Pacific Ave by the homeowner and has been re-united

While out on a search for Lola missing in Beachwood I came across another lost dog:( she has been turned over to her owner safely. She escaped from a whole in the fence.... Please make sure your dogs have updated tags!!! Her owner was not easy to locate!

We got a call this morning (6/3/2014) from a couple in Beachwood that had our business card from Lola and they told us they had found a small black Mini Schnauzer and could we help. We drove over to Beachwood got the dog and ran into a nice woman telling us someone was looking for it. We drove around and found the owner and returned the dog then called Michael San Juan from A-Academy Animal Control to let him know. Midnight is safe at home

Lost 6/5/2014
Found In South Toms River on Dover Rd

UPDATE 6/7/2014 @ 1PM
this couple could have and should have had their dog back shortly after he got out and due to a lack of care or communication on the Animal controls part and left this couple stranded not knowing what to do, maybe if they start answering their phones they would get their messages correct.
By Katherine Miller

SKYE: 6/7/2014

Another great recovery! Skye found her way home cause her owners had the proper tags on her!!! She is home safe!

Remy: 6/15/2014

Kudos to the Forked River Police for their fast actions in calling the owners of Remy a missing Pit mix suffering from seizures. I Lost My Dog got a report on 6/15/2014 that a pit mix named Remy got out of a backyard on Constitution Ave in Forked River. We just happen to be in that area and looked around with no luck. About an hour later Remy's owner got a call from the Forked River Police that Remy was seen in a patch of woods behind Home Depot (the opposite side of Rt 9) and called Remy's owner without delay and Danielle, Remy's owner, was able to get there before Remy left the area and Remy was retrieved safely. I'm also glad that someone, without hesitation, notified police of a loose dog, Nice Job everybody!


Bree: 6/30/14 at 12:50 PM

We just found another lost dog in Lakewood on New Hampshire and locust no chip, no ID and no one reported her missing 6/30/14 at 12:50 PM

****** UPDATE 7/10/2014 ******** I just got a call from the Ocean County Animal Shelter North in Jackson, This little cutie is now up for adoption, no one has claimed her



Went missing on 7/4/2014 at 9 PM she got spooked when a neighbor was shooting off fireworks, Found by a neighbor on 7/6/2014 still dragging her retractable leash


Tini went missing on 7/4/2014 @ 4PM when someone left a door in the house open, She was recovered by her owner on 7/5/2014


Cassie went missing on 7/4/2014 and was picked up at the Toms River Animal Shelter also on 7/4/2014


Lissy went missing form 44 Cranmer Rd. in Bayville, she was chased by police and hasn't been seen since


Remi went missing from woodlake Manor Dr. in Lakewood, lost while a friend was watching her, She may be pregnant, not sure, no contact with owner so we don't know is she has been recovered


Left behind at Tent City when it closed down Fantasia is looking for a permanent home. Her info can be found here:



Bears original owner passed away and was being cared for by a friend till Jen saw a post on our Facebook page and adopted this supposedly 12 year old sweetheart


Bean went missing 7/22/2014 and was found by a neighbor and returned on 7/27/2014, we found out after the fact that Bean is constantly getting out


Jeter missing from the 500 block of Holly Village Lane in Toms River on 7/28/2014 was seen by neighborhood kids, being picked up by a couple in a white SUV at the corner of South and Alfred in Toms River, Call I Lost My Dog 732-773-9121 or Danielle 732-642-3987 with any information,

****** UPDATED INFORMATION 7/30/14 @ 9:40 PM ****** Jeter was picked up by mature couple in a late model tan Buick on 7/28 at about 8:00pm NOT a white SUV

7/31/2014: Spent several hours with police, two witnesses that saw what happened and owners of Jeter. The owners, with the help of one of the witnesses tracked down the people that took Jeter and admitted they did until the police showed up then they said they never saw Jeter, police searched the house and came up empty, these people are the absolute scum of the earth and Jeter is still out there so please keep your eyes open





While out today 8/1/2014 at the South Toms River Court House, Debbie Geissinger "The Dog Magnet" ran across these two sweethearts and was able to catch them and get them back to the owner

  In Memory of Eli

ELI - 8/3/2014

Eli, a white whippet, was being cared for by the parents of the owners that went overseas on vacation. Eli escaped on 8/2/2014 from Liberta Dr. in Holiday City in Toms River, and ended up trying to get across Rt. 37. Eli was hit by a vehicle and dragged for about 5 blocks by a hit and run driver

RUDY- 8/12/2014

Rudy was let out at 4:30 am on 8/12 and never returned, back gate was open by neighborhood kids, Rudy went missing from the 600 block of Brookside Dr. in Toms River
  In Memory of Rio

Rio- 8/16/2014

Rudy, a 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier, went missing from his home on Redbank Ave in Bayville on 8/16/2014 he was found drowned in the Lagoon on 8/17/2014 by a homeowner on Ocean Gate Ave. also in Bayville


is a miniature Shiba Inu from the 200 block of 20th avenue in Bricktown. Foxy is female, she went missing 8/20/14 10:30 pm and has light orange with white belly and some white on face. Missing a little fur on the lower back closer to her tail. Has very dark eyes. Has a curled tail. She's 3 Years old and weighs around 35 Lbs and is about 16 inches tall when on all four legs. if seen please call Callie at (848) 2231610 or I Lost My Dog 732-773-9121

UPDATE 8/21/14 @ 8:10 PM

 Foxy has been reunited with her owner

  Re Homed

Lily AKA Yoda

Lily was dropped off at our vets office, Dr. Force (Forked River Vet.) in Forked River by a man that said he had found her, police and Animal Control were notified by us and no had claimed her. We offered to hold her for the 7 days required by law and found her a great home where she was renamed Yoda.



Min Pin

 Someone had found this dog in Beachwood and brought him to Our groomer,Canine Design and called Debbie and Debbie made a phone call to the police and was able to reunite them

  Re Homed


We received a phone call from a woman who's grandson dumped this dog at her house being this woman is crippled and her husband going through chemo she could not care for Chaos so we took him to try and find him a home when we got him back to our house I scanned him for a chip the first number was disconnected and the MC SPCA came up as a 2nd reach number so we called the MC SPCA to find out the story, in the mean time we did find his original owner by calling the Lakewood police and asking them if they would go to the address that came up on the chip and see if the original owner still lived there, they did and and we returned him. The owner had gone through some hard times in the past and had given the dog away and that person she gave Chaos to sold him. The owner made several attempts to contact this man to check on the dog but he never returned her calls and moved away. At first we thought it might be Jeter but after calling Danielle DiGiovanni, Jeter's owner, we quickly established this was not him but we took the dog anyway to try and rehome him for the couple and were successful in finding his original owner. PLEASE people MICROCHIP YOUR PETS, Chaos has been missing for about a year

We are EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED at Detective William Hyer of the MC SPCA for accusing us of taking this dog thinking it was Jeter and trying to collect the reward ( which we do not accept rewards or payment of our services) and then trying to dump him afterwords. It was clearly established before we took Chaos that it was not Jeter




We are very thankful to Matt, if it wasn't for him we would have not been able to track and find our lost dog, Maggie. We are located in Morris County, NJ outside of Matt's area, but Matt talked over the phone with my husband and a good friend of ours several times helping us figure out how to best find our dog. Thanks to him Maggie is safe and at home after 6 long nights of missing. The words THANK YOU cannot be said enough from our family!



Keely went missing in Beachwood and was picked up by couple driving by and held for $1,000 ransom, Kristen Geschine Millar, Keely's owner, got a phone call on 9/9/2014 from the people who took Keely asking for money to return the dog, She immediately called Michael San Juan to let him know who in turned called us. Kristen agreed to meet with the thieves and when Kristen's mom saw the dog she snatched Keely from them. (Nice Job Mom) Keely was taken care of so Kristen did give them something as a reward. Mike then showed up and the thieves took off we got there right after that. More to the story but that's all I will say except we are extremely happy this went down well and Keely is safe and at home where she belongs



Friday 10/3/14 in the morning / afternoon we were notified that Mckenna was seen back in the area, I did not want this posted for obvious reasons so all day we had people checking the trap. Friday Night Debbie Geissingerand I met at the trap location with Craig Saltarelli to discuss our next move, being the weather was to turn bad and on Craig's recommendation we moved the trap to higher ground. On Saturday Morning I received this text from Vanessa Clare "She is in the trap, HELP!!!! " I notified Craig and Debbie who was out working and we all met at the trap, We carried the trap to a secure location on the home owners property where we could open it safety. Debbie crawled into the trap to leash McKenna and hand her to Vanessa, McKenna has an 11:15 vet apt with Dr. Force at the Forked River Animal Hosp but Mckenna was in GREAT shape for what she went through! Thank you to all who searched and passed along the info as we posted it, GREAT JOB DONE BY ALL!

  Up For Adoption



Oscar went missing from the 1200 block of Brandywine Dr. in Toms River and ran into Cattus Island Park, a local resident spotted Oscar on 10/17/2014 and called the Toms River Animal Control and Erin, Oscars owner picked him up at the Toms River Animal Shelter


Palmetto went missing on 11/9/2014 form the Brier Knolls apt complex in Toms River and was found on 11/10/2014 by a neighbor who returned him to searchers while they were out looking for him


Daisy is missing from the 300 block of Middlesex St. in Manchester Twp. when she dug out from under a fence


Ava was off leash playing at the park on Main St in the Silverton area of Toms River when a dog scared her off into the woods, she was found by her owners later that night



Lost in Pine Beach from the 300 block of Radnor Ave, one of the children had left the back gate open and Daisy went missing for several terrifying hours till a neighbor picked her up and saw the internet post and returned this little 4 pounder home
  In Memory of Max


Unfortunately not all of our searches have a happy ending, Maximus AKA Max, escaped from his owners from the 200 block of Kettle Creek Rd. in Toms River and was found 4 days later on a private beach 2 blocks away. We believe he had fallen off the pier and suffered a heart attack when he fell into the freezing water


I want to introduce and welcome the newest addition to our Pack, Peanut. He is an 8 pound, 2 year old Chihuahua that was in quarantine at the Northern Ocean County Animal Facility in Jackson when he was taken there by Animal Control after he nipped a boy in his original home because the boy was pulling on Peanuts tail. The short time we have had him we can see he is fearful & insecure, yet friendly towards people but is not aggressive towards other dogs and that will be our main objective, to build trust & confidence in him and socialize him as much as possible to help him become a balanced dog and then find him the perfect forever home.



This young Pit Puppy was found by Debbie on 12/6/2014 in Beachwood and taken to the Beachwood Police to wait for animal Control to take him to the Manahawkin Shelter


Tazz was lost in Pine Lake Park in Manchester when he escaped out a back door. He was caught by Police and Animal Control after an hour chase and taken to the Northern Ocean County Animal Shelter


Shadow escaped out of his house on Inland Rd. in Forked River and was recovered the next day by his owners.




Scamp was let out of the house to do his business, the owner went back inside for a hot second and saw a woman driving away with scamp in her car. It was an honest mistake, the woman thought Scamp was a lost dog and later that day connected with Scamps owner





Camo a 5 Month old Boxer mix is missing from Cedarcrest Dr. in Bayville. Camo bolted out of his house on 1/13/15 at about 9:30 PM he is chipped and has a collar but no ID

UPDATE 1/14/15:

Camo was found by a neighbor and is now safe at home



Tobi ran out of owners parked car and tried to run across the road on New Hampshire Ave in Toms River and was hit by a car, he ran off into the woods and was was recovered 2 days later when he was at the back gate of the owners sisters house across the street.

Crisco & Yogi

While working in Manchester NJ we came across a mom and her daughter looking frazzled holding two dogs, when we approached she said she just  found these 2 dogs and was looking for their owners and had to leave so she handed us the 2 labs and we looked around asking all the neighbors. When the neighbor's on Tuckerton Ave. did not know who they belonged to we called the Police and Animal Control to pick them up. In the mean time I posted these dogs dogs on our Facebook page and Joyce, who lived in the neighborhood recognized them and went to notify the owners who were not home but out looking for their dogs. Margaret from Animal Control picked up the dogs and took them to the shelter where the owners picked them up at


Gator snuck out of his house when the front door did not latch properly and was picked up by a good Samaritan driving a blue S-10 Pick Up, a few blocks away, to get him out of the cold and rain. We searched the surrounding neighborhood and found the truck in a driveway. Debbie knocked on the door to see if that was the person that picked up Gator and luckily it was so we brought him back to his owner


Rylee jumped over a fence from a retaining wall in the back yard from the 100 block on Lonny Ct. in Toms River and was found and taken to the Toms River Shelter


King escaped from his backyard while the owner was leaving the property. after a week of several failed attempts by the Toms River
Animal Control we were able to, with the help of our Facebook friends, locate the area were we believed King was hiding and we set a live trap and had him off the street within 2 hours. Great Team effort by all


Koda snuck out of the back yard on Buttonwood Dr. in Lanoka Harbor when a gate was accidently left open. He was found on 3/11/2015 wondering around in the cemetery a few blocks away


Riley snuck out of his back yard on the 1000 block of Bell St in Toms River when a gate was accidently left open. He was found and turned into the Toms River Animal Shelter and picked up by his owners on 3/14/2015


Lost dog!!! Missing since 3/18/15 in Berkeley township in Holiday City from the 300 block of Port Royal... Please call Linda at 848-223-5500 with any information... Dink was found in the woods a few months after he ran away BUT he was recently groomed so someone had found him and cared for him then turned him in.


Diego a 12+ year old was pulled by the Lost Dog Search & Rescue Group and is on our non adoptable list. According to his paper work the shelter vet from North Jersey deemed Diego as unadoptable to the public and should go either to a Hospice Rescue or be euthanized so he will live out what little time he may have left with us 

Phoenix is a Chihuahua / King Charles Spaniel mix that was pulled from his mother way to early at 5 weeks old, Our friend, neighbor and Board Member is fostering him with the hopes oh adopting him in the near future


Maxx went missing from the 300 block of Spray Ave in Beachwood while the owners were in the process of moving and was one lucky dog when a man o a Kayak picked him up in the middle of the Toms River in Pine Beach


Snoopy went missing from Cleveland St in Bricktown and was recovered by his owner

No Name
This little guy was caught in the backyard of great family in Beachwood who's property backs up to Johnsons Pit. they saw this little guy hanging around their yard. Several attempts to trap him failed so Debbie was able to sneak up behind him and leash him.  


Rose, a 4 month old puppy, ran out of her home in Bayville when the kitchen caught fire, Rose was newly adopted and was not familiar with the area. After several hours of searching one of our volunteer searchers, Jennifer Creran, came across Rose crossing Mill Creak Rd. and was able to catch her and return her to her family


Tucker, escaped from his home on Utah Dr. in Toms River on 5/1/2015 and was trapped by one of our volunteers and given to the Toms River Animal Control who keep good care of him until his owners were notified


Congratulations to Judy and her husband Bob on their new addition, Roy. The Lost Dog Search & Rescue re-Homed Roy to Judy when his previous owner had to make a selfless and difficult decision to give up Roy because of a family situation that was beyond his control. Josh did what he had to and gave up what he loved just so Roy, his 13 month old Poodle would be in a better environment. Josh you are a true animal lover and a great human to make such a hard decision so your dog could thrive. Josh, KUDOS to you and Congrats to Judy & Bob!



Gunner went missing on 5/2/15 when he slipped out of his collar on a walk in Toms River. and was trapped on 5/5/15 when he was resting in a homeowners backyard and the homeowner closed the gate to trap him in



George went missing from the 70 Block of Fort DeFrance Ave in Holiday City in Toms River on 5/3/15. on 5/6/15 a neighbor saw George on his porch and lured him into his house with some bologna where he spent a comfortable night on the couch. On 5/7/15 at around 7:15 AM George was returned to his owner.


Another happy Rehome to the Dorey Family. Cinnamon will bring them years of joy and happiness. And a great big thank you to Jerry and Cathy for unselfishly loving Cinnamon and having her best interest at heart



George is missing once again from the Corner of FortDeFrance and Jamaica in Holiday City in Toms River, this is the 2nd time in a week. George was a recently adopted dog and escaped the first time one day after he went to his new home. The NJ SPCA and Berkeley Animal Control are  aware of this situation

5/24/2015 :

George was found in Manchester and was turned over to Margaret from Animal Control and is now back home with his legal owner



Lexi escaped from her home in Pine Beach and was EXTREMELY lucky to be found by her owners shortly after she went on her short journey




After being lost for several days in the Silverton section of Toms River, Cali found her way home safe and sound.




Joey went missing on 5/24/2015 He ran into the wooded area on Scarborough Pl and wasn't seen till 5/27/2015. George, his owner seen Joey in the woos, got down on his hands and knees and was able to coax Joey to him




Taco a 4 Lb Mini Pin Yorki Mix went missing from the 500 Block of Barnegat Ave in The Gilford Park section of Toms River on 5/26/2015 and there has been NO sightings as of yet.

REUNITED on 5/28/2015
found hiding in some rubble on Fischer Blvd. 2 blocks away
For the 2nd Time


We got a phone call from Joe and Maria and unfortunately, due to Cinnamon's excessive barking, and Maria's heath condition, it was not working out so we went to pick Cinnamon up this morning. When we got back to our house we worked with her for the little time we had and she took correction great! She is presently being fostered by Sara Koretsky , who is going to continue to work with Cinnamon and she will be ready for adoption soon!



We got a call that a family has seen this dog several tomes in their yard on Attison Dr. in South Toms River and we were successful in trapping her. The dog was Taken to the Popcorn Park Shelter and if unclaimed the family that spotted he will adopt her



UPDATE 5/31/15 still missing 

Lost in area of Montauk Drive area of Lacey Twp



EZ Possibly jumped the fence from the 100 block of Lilac Dr. in Toms River. A good Samaritan caught her and brought her to the Toms River Animal Shelter 

  Up for Adoption

Call 732-240-4181 if interested
Mom and her 2 pups



Up for Adoption
Call 732-240-4181 if interested

  Up for Adoption
Call 732-240-4181 if interested


King George



Lucy was lost on 8/12/2015 when she escaped from a hole in the fence in the 300 block of Marc Dr. in Toms River, She was picked up by the police and brought to the Toms River Shelter where she was re united with her owner the next day
  Up for Adoption
Call 732-240-4181 if interested



Abby a 4 year old boxer, newly adopted and recently spayed, managed to open several doors and escape from her new home on Bell Haven Ct in Whiting NJ. sometime after 11 PM on 8/15/2015.

The Story:
 11/3/2015 Debbie Geissinger and Myself received a call from Shelly, Abbys owner that Abby was finally trapped and If I could meet her with the proper size crate so they could transport her home. Michele had hired a company to trap Abby but after 6 weeks of failed attempts had let the company go and hired Steve from Detect A Pet who showed up and had Abby in the trap within 2 hours. Abby is home and doing FANTASTIC and will be seeing a vet as soon as she acclimates to her new situation and calms down.


Smidge ran out of her house on Bonaire Dr. in the Holiday City Section of Toms River  9/23/15 at around 4 AM and was recovered by her owner after spending several hours of running around her neighborhood


9/25/2015 Owner has been found, the wind blew the back gate down at his home by Old Freehold Rd and Walchest in Toms River and all is well Petey is safe and sound, and Mark from All Tech Painting helped put the gate back up.

Brutus escaped from he yard on Herold Ct in the Silver Ridge section of Toms River on 9/29/2015 at 8:00 Pm and was seen twice in South Toms River but was finally caught back in her neighborhood by a neighbor on 10/3/2015

Lost on 10/3/2015 from Andover Rd in Forked River inside kitchen door to garage blew open from high winds and garage door was up.

On 10/13/2014 owner wanted Holly's information pulled from the internet so we are in a holding pattern being we have no one reporting sightings. Our best wishes that Holly is found safe and returned home but with no one looking or posting we have no idea where to search

on 10/23/2015 Holly was spotted by a passerby that called her owner and when the owner got there Holly came running to her


Lost on 10/15/2015 from Pinewood Rd. in Toms River, Buttercup was adopted and only in her new home for 15 minutes before she managed to find a way out. She was found and reunited on 10/18/2015 when a neighbor saw her lying in her yard in the sun

Lost on 10/26/2015 from Silver Court in Bayville, Mabel a 12 Lb 8 year old Pug / Chihuahua mix was found that same evening by her owner

Lost on 10/29/2015 from Delos Dr. in Toms River Kona escaped from an open gate in the yard and found in the woods by her owner on 10/30/2015 hiding behind a shed



On 10:00am on 10/30/2015 Cinnamon ran out the front door on the 400 block of River Terrace in Toms River and returned home at 4:00 AM on 10/31/2015

Mr. Riley

Mr. Riley escaped from his Manchester home on 11/28/2015 while owner was bringing in grocery's. he is 16 Years Old partially Blind and Deaf. Was found and returned by a good Samaritan 



Brutus escaped out the front door on 12/11/2015 from his home on Walchest Dr. in Toms River and was found on 12/12/2015 a block away on Chestnut street on someone's back porch

Not much info in Sam. She was reported to us as missing on 12/12/15 from Adams Ave in Toms River and we had no other contact with owner. I read the Sam was found on 12/14/15

This dog was trapped behind Cattus Island Park in Toms River, a popular place for people who no longer want their dogs to dump them. This guy was seen running around for several days, we set a trap and caught him within hours

Peanut, the white & black Chihuahua in the front of the picture was let out of her home on Medford Rd. in Whiting a about 5 PM on 12/17/2015 and wondered off. She was spotted about 2 miles away, the next day by an alert bystander who saw her post on Facebook and contacted the owner and was reunited  


Yogi slipped his collar and was found wondering the streets of Jamaica Blvd. in Holiday City in Toms River. He was found by someone that we had previously searched for his missing dog and wanted to pay it forward . George, the finder, had contacted me at around 11 PM and I posted the info he gave me on Facebook where the owner saw the post and responded. In the meantime Yogi spent the night safe and sound at the Manahawkin Shelter


Carson broke through the fence when fireworks started. He was found coming out of the woods at the game farm. He went to a couple who owns the last house on Jones rd. They called the owners because his ID tag stayed on. The search and rescue dogs were pulling up as the call was coming through



Crestwood Village II area. Last seen running into woods at Schoolhouse Road across from Bowie Drive at approximately 5:15pm on 01/01/2016. 

The Story: While the Lost Dog Search & Rescue Team with some of the family members were In the woods, Robert Hanlon's K9 Search Team was following Russell's scent and several of our group members were covering the streets in the area, there was still no sign of Russell. Then a phone call came in from the workers at Keswick saying they heard a lot of barking and commotion coming from the Keswick Lake area and when they went to investigate they found Russell, with his leash still on wrapped around some pilings where the lake had been drained. The one worker remembered the picture of the dog that was shown to her and called the owners to make the "Happy Ending". A GREAT TEAM EFFORT and a GREAT JOB done by all!



In Memory Of Lucy


LOST DOG! In Bayville off of Grandcentral parkway around 3pm 1/7/16. Her name is Lucy.


This morning, 1/10/2016, we were made aware of an accident 1/7 @ 3:16 on the Parkway mile marker 77-78 Northbound side where a dog was hit and killed. After verification from Officials present at the accident who identified the dog as Lucy from her picture and collar. We are following up as to where they took Lucy for Lisa and her family. We wanted to first personally go and break the news to Lisa and family before posting this heartbreaking update. Thank you to all who searched and shared and prayed for Lucy.





Maggie May



Chiquita went missing from the 2000 Block of Crestwood Dr. in Forked River when she snuck out the door behind the owner on 2/11/2016 Her owner left their garage door open and early in the morning on 2/12/2016 Chiquita walked back in




Daisy, 6 Months old and newly adopted, escaped her home in Bayville after being there only 2 hours. The temps outside we in the single digits and she managed to survive for 3 days in the woods behind the owners house. We set a trap on her owners back porch and the 3rd day we successfully trapped her and she is doing great.



Beauty a 12 year  old Lasa/Peke mix was let outside her home on Mt. Carmel Blvd  in Toms River to do her business and wondered off. Luckily a neighbor found her and returned her later that day while the search was being conducted 



Ruger, a male 65 Lb 2 year old Lab/Collie mix escaped from his backyard on Buckley La. in Bayville on 2/23/2016 and was recovered shortly after by his owned


Missing from Nothhumberland Dr, Toms River (Holiday City)
Katee a Black Lab mix went missing from the 70 Block of Northumberland Dr in Toms River on 2/29/2016 She is a 10 Y.O. all black Lab mix last seen on 2/29 around Bimini & Rodhos St. If seen you can contact owners at 845-222-8625 or us at the Lost Dog Search & Rescue at 732-773-9121


In Memory of Biscuit

Biscuit a 14 Lb 8 Year Old, male, Shih-Tzu went missing from the 80 block of Carlyle Dr. in Bayville on 3/2/2016 police & Animal Control has been notified. Biscuit is not wearing a collar and no ID but is micro-chipped

**** UPDATE 3/12/16 *****
Sorry to say that Biscuit's body was found today by a neighbor and he had drowned in the lagoon.. RIP Biscuit



Missing from the 1600 Block of Pemberton St Toms River


A huge thank You to Robin Smith, Pamela Jaccoud for searching with us and the great people at Rescue Ridge but the BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to Debbie Geissinger who tracked Raisin on foot for almost 4 hours of non stop walking through the backyards of Silver Ridge in Toms River until Debbie was able to direct Raisin back home where his owner opened the door and Raisin popped back in.


Jax escaped his house in South Toms River and was recovered by his owner at the playground on Brookforest Dr. Jesse and Jack her search dog also added in the search


KK broke through her owners screen in the Gilford Park section of Toms River when someone shot off some fireworks and returned home on her own several hours later unharmed 


Once again on our busiest day of the week we ran into 2 loose dogs running in the street right off Church Rd in Toms River. We yelled at them to "GET HOME" then followed them to their house on Church Rd, we knocked on the door for several minutes and no one answered so Debbie Geissinger headed them toward the back yard where we found a broken gate where I was hiding behind and was able to secure it once the dogs were back in the yard, then a neighbor came out to make sure the gate would stay closed. While this was all going on Debbie called Jim from Toms River Animal Control who was out there within minutes to make sure this would not happen again


Salt an older, partially blind Chihuahua escaped from a sitters home on Jane Ct and Michelle in Toms River, She was found several hours later several blocks form her home


Funny thing happened this morning, while trying to catch up on our Lost Dog Facebook pages My dogs went berserk at the window, I looked out and saw a black Dog sitting on the front porch so I grabbed a spare leash and bolted out the door. and found Brody happy and friendly as can be. Finding a missing dog doesn't get any easier then this, several minutes later his owner showed up to claim him. I guess if your a dog and got out what better place to go is the home of the Lost Dog Search & Rescue Group...LOL

  Rescued / Adoptable

Gianni is an 18 month old Cane Corso with lameness in his left hind leg that may have been caused by trauma. 
This has caused him much discomfort and pain. His only chance of a normal life is through surgery. The Lost Dog Search & Rescue pulled him from the shelter and put him in a loving Foster home in hopes of giving Gianni the life he so deserves, but his surgery is costly and we need all the help we can get financially to achieve this for Gianni.

  Rescued / Adopted

  Rescued / Adoptable

Rescued / Adopted



While out searching we received notice that Reeses was seen in a neighbors yard. The neighbor called Animal Control who was able to get Reeses and return him to his owner



We tried to catch this Apricot Poodle on Brandies Rd heading toward Brookforest Dr. in South Toms River, he /she is wearing tags but wont let anyone get close.

Urgent!!! The Shelter contacted us and said the clock is ticking for these 2 sweet old girls as the shelter is over crowded and they need the room PLEASE can't anyone foster them? The Lost Dog Search & Rescue will cover their medical & food. They should not die alone & afraid in a shelter.

Urgent!!! The Shelter contacted us and said the clock is ticking for these 2 sweet old girls as the shelter is over crowded and they need the room PLEASE can't anyone foster them? The Lost Dog Search & Rescue will cover their medical & food. They should not die alone & afraid in a shelter.


***** LOST 12 year old Yorki in Toms River ****** 
Missing from the 40 block of Cabrillo Blvd in Toms River on 5/12/16 at 12:30 pm. Tiffany is a 9 lb 12 year old Yorkie, if seen please contact the Lost Dog Search & Rescue

****** REUNITED *****

  Rescued & Adopted

Rub A Dub Dub 4 Pups in a Tub

Left to right

Pepe, Cooper, Junior & Stella.


Lucy got out of her Toms River home when the lawn cutters left the back gate open and after several days returned home on her own

Rocco escaped from his owner several times in Beachwood. Owner decided to give Rocco to someone that would take care of him. Rocco is now known as Patches

Izzy escaped her home on Brookside Dr. in Toms River by digging under a fence and was recovered  and reunited with her family several days later

Tyson was let out of his house on Squirrel Rd in Wall Twp. to do his business and was distracted by something and took off. Thanks to the efforts of Christine Papariello and several other Facebook Searchers they were able to capture Tyson and re unite him with his owner within 2 days

Found & caught On Tilton Ave. in South Toms River by Debbie Geissinger, this pup was turned over to the STR Police to bring to the Popcorn Park Shelter where he will be cared for until his owner re claims him 
In Memory of Peanut

Missing from Williams St in Bayville, Peanut a Female Mini Yorkie 5 years old, Very pregnant according to owner. Peanut had drowned in the Toms River and was recovered in Seaside Heights where the current had taken her


Abby, a Chinese Crested, snuck out of her home from the 700 block 9th Ave. in Pine Lake Park in Manchester Twp. on 6/23/2016 and was finally trapped by a neighbor in their yard on 6/26/2016



 Boots went missing from the 1800 Block of Charlton Circle in Toms River on 6/27/2016 and was found the next day with the help of our volunteers Robin Smith, Tiffany Mojica, Susan Marie Kearney and Robert Sanders



Animal Abuse Hotline: 1-800-582-5979

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