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Lost Dog Door to Door Search Tactics


In the event your dog has been missing for a while or you think someone in the neighborhood has him here are some ideas you can use planning a door to door search. 

Make sure your search is conducted in a intelligent manor not an emotional one. Make sure your wearing comfortable clothes and stay hydrated and everyone should have a cell phone with the local police and a search leaders phone number pre programmed into it. If anyone has to leave the search for any reason notify the team leader. When its time to end the search meet back at the original meeting place to compare notes. Give yourself enough time before and after the search to go over your thoughts with everyone without being rushed.

  • Get some of your friends together that are willing to go door to door and hand out flyers (We have two flyers you can download and use:  Download Free Lost Dog flyer With Tear off  or Free Color Lost Dog Flyer -  (click save then open) or if you want to use your own keep the information simple, too much information on the flyer and the people will lose interest or not bother reading. Make sure you have enough flyers for everyone.

  • Designate a place and time to meet up a head of time to go over all the things that need to be done and designate a search leader. A good idea is to meet up at a public place like a park that's in the area so you do not cause a mob seen at the location that's going to be canvassed  

  • Elect one person to be in charge and analyze the information gathered. This person should have all the searchers phone numbers programmed into their cell phone in advance

  • Print out a street map of the area you want to cover so you can keep a record of what's going on. Every volunteer should have one to put their thoughts and notes on.

  • Use at least two volunteers per street. one takes the even side and one takes the odd side and work together to be safe, remember there is strength in numbers.

  • Notify the local police BEFORE you conduct your search so if any trouble arises or someone reports you to the police the police will know why your their. 

  • Everyone should take their cell phone with them. Its also a good idea to pre-program the Police and the Search leaders phone numbers in them so you don't have to fumble around if a call needs to be made.

  • Be courteous and respect peoples feelings and property. We have, in the past, gotten several complaints from people and townships for another group of searchers, not associated with us that were going onto peoples properties without notifying them first. Since these home owners were already interviewed by our group and were handed out our business cards it was assumed that we were the ones trespassing Don't let this happen to you!

  • While talking to people be professional introduce yourself 1st then state your cause. Assure them that all information will be kept confidential and if they tell you something relay it immediately to your search leader after your interview.

  • One other thing we do is that everybody uses clipboards, it gives a more professional look to your group and puts peoples mind at ease a little when answering their doors.

  • You will run across people that are not sympathetic to your search and can be down right nasty. I, personally, was almost run over, on purpose by an middle aged gentleman riding a bike in Holiday City. Just keep your composure and move on. There are more people willing to help then not.

  • You will also see that some good people want to help but have nothing to offer so they do make up stories, follow up on what they tell you to determine if its the truth or not then move on.

  • Last but not least. Devise some rules and guidelines for the group to follow. Again stay professional and be patient give the person your interviewing your undivided attention and report back to your team leader on anything you think might be useful. 

We are a non-profit group covering the following areas of Ocean County N.J.: Toms River, Beachwood, Bayville, Ocean Gate, Pine Beach, Whiting, Manchester Township, Parts of Lacey Township and Lanoka Harbor, Forked River and most Surrounding Toms River Areas and all rewards or donations we receive will go toward up-grading our equipment so we can search with more efficiency and the remainder of funds will go to a no kill rescue and adoption shelter, donated in your pets name.

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