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One Eyed Jack


Before I tell you this story, I would like to say Thank You to the South Toms River Police Dept, The NJ SPCA Animal Abuse Team, Berkeley Animal Control and to the newest member of the I Lost My Dog Search & Rescue Team Dawn, who just so happens to be a part the New Jersey State SPCA Animal Abuse Group, but especially to Animal Abuse Officer Paul Schlossbach who acted so swiftly and professionally to remove this Chihuahua from his abuser, and to all the people we reached out to in a panic to keep this dog out of the Animal Shelter. With a combined effort of all the above agencies we were able to save a Long Haired Chihuahua by the name of One Eyed Jack from an abusive owner who happened to beat and hang his dog by the neck with his own leash in front of our house. I did not want to post this until the dog was removed from his owner and was in a safe environment and that has been accomplished. The sad part about this case is that some of the neighbors knew about the treatment of One Eyed Jack and chose to do nothing about it, So We did! Here is Jacks Story:

This is my official report to the SPCA Animal Abuse

On Wednesday, May 2nd 2012, at 10:35am I noticed, out my front door, one of our neighbors trying to catch his long haired Chihuahua dog that apparently got loose from him. The dogs leash was still attached to his collar and being dragged on the ground behind him. At that point I told my wife Deborah, who was in another room that Benny's dog got loose again. We both went out on our front porch ready to help as we did in the past. Benny stopped chasing his dog and headed toward his van that was parked across the street from our house. With his dog still loose but now following him, Benny turned around and headed back toward the dog at a fast pace and stepped on the leash to keep his dog from running away. My wife then seeing that things were under control went back into our house while I continued to watch from our porch. Within seconds he had picked up the leash so high that the dog was completely lifted off the ground by his neck and was thrashing around in an apparent effort to breathe. I yelled to my wife that Benny was hanging the dog. I then witnessed Benny walk back to his van with the dog still hanging and spinning and threw the dog inside his van. He then proceeded to punch the dog approximately 4 or 5 times with a closed fist. We both ran off the porch toward him. While we were heading toward his van my wife was screaming at him to stop punching the dog and she ran to the passenger side door of Benny’s van and tried to open it to get the dog away from him but the door was locked. I in turn ran around the front of the van to try and open the drivers door but before I could get around Benny had put the van in reverse and took off backward to the end of the street and left the area. My wife then called the South Toms River Police and explained the situation to them and they contacted Berkeley Animal Control who in turn told her to get in touch with the SPCA Animal Abuse Center, which she did.

UPDATE: The SPCA Animal Abuse Agent removed One Eyed Jack from Benny's home 2 days later and we rehabilitated Jack and renamed him Jackson and he is in his new forever home with a loving new mommy

Please do not turn your back on Animal Abuse. Call the: 

 New Jersey Animal Abuse Hotline: 1-800-582-5979 

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