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Beware of Scams

A Few Ways to Protect Yourself From Being Scammed

Use common sense not your emotions when choosing who you give your money to!


1. If you must place an ad, include only essential information. Refrain from providing information about unique markings or physical attributes.

2. If you get a call from someone who claims to be out-of-state, ask them to take your dog to the local Animal Control Shelter ( you look up the shelter and tell them to bring your pet there) and deal with a Animal Control Agent

3. If a caller claims to have your pet in their possession, ask them to describe something about the pet that wouldn’t be visible in pictures which may have been posted.

4. Never wire money to anyone you don’t know.

Many pet owners have also had their pets microchipped as well as ID on their collar as this preventive measure has proven to be effective in bringing lost pets home.


 Scam #1 - Calls

Sadly, there are criminals who see your misfortune as an opportunity to gain money. Avoid posting the reward amount on signs and fliers, and do not give out your full name or address. If you receive a tip about your lost dog, do not send money until you have your dog back in your arms. Never go alone to pick up your dog from a stranger. Bring along one or more friends, and tell others where you are going. If it sounds like blackmail then notify your local police Dept.




Scam #2 - Search Dogs / Pet Detectives

Some people find this a perfect opportunity to get money from someone in a state of panic and confusion by asking for an exorbitant amount of money for their services to help find your dog, They may tell you they have a scent dog, a search dog or a tracking dog and for X-amount of dollars they will have their dog "search" for your lost pet. If this is the case

#1  The number 1 thing to do is to ask their success rate.

#2 Where and Who trained their dog, then check via internet and a phone call to verify if their info is correct

#3  Ask for at least 3 references on pets they have found.  If they refuse or become belligerent then you know they are a fraud. Any  legitimate person or company will be happy to tell you this info. Do NOT rely on testimonials, they can be written by the person that has the pet detective or search dog  business.

#4 If they want a consultation fee just to talk to them there is your first red flag. That will tell you they are doing this for the money not for wanting to help find your dog. 

#5   Ask is if the price they are charging you is for 1 visit or multiple visits leading up to the return of your dog.

  Remember this, if they tell you a price for their service and it sounds like a lot then it probably is, move on and find someone else. There are ligament people out there that offer this service but it is up to you to decide on who to use.



#3 Pet Psychics - Scam or Not?

Pet Psychics- like any other business has Good & Bad If you are being charged for this service to find a lost pet its probably a scam if not then its just advise and its up to the pet owner how to use the advise that is given to them.

On the Scam side: you may get a post or e-mail saying " I lost my dog several Months ago and I used this Pet Psychic and I had my dog back in 30 hours" The e-mail or post may be from the pet psychic themselves using an alternate e-mail address, some even work in groups. Being you are in a state desperation they know what to say and do to pray on the owner of the lost pet being they are in a week frame of mind. We have used their advice in the past ourselves but with no results,



 On the legitimate side: My own personal belief is there is NO legitimate side, however a psychic will usually offer their services for free when it comes to lost pets and children and if you follow what they tell you and do not use common sense methods you will be setting yourself up for disaster. To prove my point I have set up 2 pages one on Facebook on 1/31/2013 (Pet Psychic Challenge) and one on our website (Pet Psychic Invitation) I have contacted over 200 People that claim to be Pet Psychics to help find 6 lost Dogs and NOT ONE has come forward with information

See how some psychics do Cold Readings to gain your confidence and may even cover themselves by saying "I'm telling your lost pet to show themselves", what this does is cover all aspects in case someone finds your pet the Pet Psychic will say its because they told the pet to do so.  "See how Pet Psychics work" and "Do Pet Psychics Work" from The Dog Trainer or just Google: Are Pet Psychic Scammers? and see what you come up with. In my opinion forget the pet psychics that want to charge you and spend your money on something that is proven to work - Lost Pet Amber Alert or Find Toto Some people may find comfort in seeking out a psychic but my opinion is not to stop searching and use the techniques outlined on How to conduct a search page. On the other side of the coin, any information given to you by a Pet Psychic or Pet Communicator should be kept in memory while you continue your search and don't base your search solely on the Psychics words.

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