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How to Train Dog to Search

There are many ways and methods to teach your dog how to search, this video is similar to the way we taught our dogs with the exception that after we hid the treat we let the dog sniff our hand where the treat was held and then tell them "search"



This method is very easy and very effective. Most dogs pick this up quickly and enjoy searching


Scent Training:




Things You'll Need:

  • Dog
  • Lots of patience
  • Dog toy
  • Treats


  1. Step 1
  2. Teach your dog to recognize the command to search. Start by using their favorite treats. Train them to recognize the command by hiding the treat and then say the command "Search". The command can be anything as long as you’re consistent. Consistency is key to any type of dog training. Once your dog can successfully sniff out the treat move the treat various areas in your home or yard.

  3. Step 2
  4. Teach your dog to find their favorite toy. Treats will now be used as Rewards. Take your dog into one room and let them smell the toy. Go into another room or even an area outside and hide the toy. Let the dog out of the room or area they are in and give them the search command.

  5. Step 3
  6. Repeat the process until they are successful. Walking with them to where the toy is hidden helps them understand that you want them to search. Every time they successfully find the hidden toy, give them a treat.

  7. Step 4

Ask a friend or family member to volunteer for this step. They will serve as the search object. Take a piece of clothing from the volunteer and let your dog carefully sniff it to catch the scent. Have the volunteer hide somewhere close by to begin with. Give the dog your search command and see what happens. You may need to lead them to the goal several times before they truly understand what you want. Keep moving the person further and further away to train your dog to follow scents longer distances.

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