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Let me start off by saying that I see a lot of things people post on the internet on how to go about trying to recover a lost dog and even though their intentions are good some of the things I read are just a waist of time and I will try to explain why


#1  Cooking bacon on a grill so your dog will smell it and come running to the BBQ.

NOT TRUE if that were the case you would be able to find any missing dog at your local McDonalds. With so many fast food restaurants around and the aroma of fresh cooked beef, you would never have to search for a lost or missing dog just sit in the Mickey D's parking lot and wait. Also just think of how many BBQs you have had in the past and then think of how many loose dogs wandered up to it, If this idea worked their would be no need for tracking dogs for your pet all you would have to do is set a few BBQ grills up and wait. (Do a Google search on this subject and beside the missing Pit Misty see for yourself what the experts say, If you do find any other dogs this method worked for drop me a line, I would be interested to know) The fact of the matter is a dog, once in survival mode, will more than likely NOT take food from a human or even approach a human with food, sometimes even if its the dogs owner they will not approach


#2 Setting up a feeding station when your trying to use a live trap

NOT TRUE  When setting up a live trap you want the dog to be hungry, when a dog is missing for a while they become very cautious of everything, if the dog gets hungry enough they will throw caution to the wind and set aside their fears and enter the trap. Dogs are not stupid they can tell that when entering the trap that there is only one way in and one way out but their instinct for survival and need for food will drive them into a place they know is not safe. A dog that has other food sources will just move on from the trap and go feed where they feel is a safer place for them.


 #3  Believe everything you see on Line

NOT TRUE Do not believe everything you read on Craigslist or Facebook, Craigslist is a great place to post a lost dog but its also a great place to scam people. Some people are just pieces of shit and will pray on others in a time of need so just be careful of anything you see on Craigslist, the old adage is true " If it sounds to good to be believe its probably is "

As far as Facebook, unless the information is coming from a legitimate source DON'T BELIEVE IT! I can not tell you how many people with good intentions and no experience and just want to help will post some of the most outlandish information I have ever seen on what the owners need do do to capture their missing dogs and the pet owners will try anything because they are in a state of panic and just want their dogs back home. Some of the information was not only bad but illegal and could actually cause the missing pet to travel further away form home. Once again I ask you to use Common Sense when choosing your course of action.


  We had to ban several people from our Facebook pages for their constant postings telling owners, against our warnings, not to post info like that, to take a BBQ grill out into the Pine Barrens in the middle of a drought to cook bacon on the grill (with all that bacon grease its so easy to start a fire) and one person in particular who insisted on putting up feeding stations in a heavily infested Coyote area against My, the Animal Control Officer and Fish & Game & Wildlife Agents plea not to do it because it will draw the hungry coyotes close to peoples homes. If your told something is not safe to do then PLEASE don't do it  


#4   "This is my pet peeve"  Pet Psychics will communicate with your dog to find them

So NOT TRUE I can go on with this on for hours. There is no other way to put this except its a scam! On the legitimate side: My own personal belief is there is NO legitimate side, however a psychic will usually offer their services for free when it comes to lost pets and children and if you follow what they tell you and do not use common sense methods you will be setting yourself up for disaster. To prove my point I have set up 2 pages one on Facebook on 1/31/2013 (Pet Psychic Challenge) and one on our website (Pet Psychic Invitation) I have contacted over 250 People that claim to be Pet Psychics to help find 6 lost Dogs and NOT ONE has come forward with information see more here: PET SCAMS


#5 Coyotes will bond with your dog

NOT TRUE Being located around the Pine Barrens we have conducted several searches that bring us into the Pine Barrens. I have heard this allot " The lost dog will bond with the coyotes" this is absolutely NOT TRUE. The fact of the matter is Coyotes will see a dog as a threat to them and try to kill them. The good thing is that even though there are coyote populations in the Pine Barrens they are few and far between and the chances of your dog being killed by coyotes are slim.


#6  My dog is Micro Chipped so if they get lost all the micro chip company has to do is locate the chip with GPS

NOT TRUE you will not believe how many people I have interviewed that believe a micro chip is a tracking device, I almost feel bad when I tell them that its not. Microchips are essential along with ID tags but its not a tracking device, its primary use is if your dog gets lost and someone finds them and takes them to a shelter they can be identified and returned.


#7  If my dog is stolen I can call the police and tell them who has my dog and they will get him back

NOT TRUE Most people think that because a dog is considered a possession by law that if someone steals your dog you can call the police and get them back, NOT TRUE. Again the old adage is true "Possession is 9 tenths of the law"  Even if you have all the documentation for your dog you will have to go to civil court to prove the dog is yours ( since your the one initiating the suite the burden of proof is on you and it may take months or even a year to get your court appearance ) and hope a Judge sees things in your favor.  The reason being unlike a bike that has a serial number or a car that has a VIN number the ONLY way to prove the dog is yours is by the serial number on a registered microchip so if your dog is micro chipped make sure the chip is registered and if your dog is not chipped then get them chipped ASAP its quick, painless for your pet and its in-expensive 


#8  A dog will hunt and kill small game to survive in the woods

NOT TRUE Even though dogs are derived from wolves, dogs are domesticated and will scrounge and scavenge for their food unlike their ancestors the Wolf, some will even eat a carcass of a dead animal like a deer but they DO NOT hunt and kill for food. A dog will kill another animal but they do this out of aggression and do not eat what they kill.


#9  Do Not Allow Family, Friends, or Volunteers to “Search”

 OMG this is SO FALSE!

   I recently came across a search page that stated: "Do Not Allow Family, Friends, or Volunteers to “Search” For Your Dog. Ask Them To Flyer instead" That is the furthest thing from what you want to do. If something is lost, NO MATTER WHAT, the only way to find it is to look or search for it. You want as many eyes looking for your lost pet as possible and the key is to let all your searchers and anyone you come in contact with know what to do and how to act. Have the searchers carry lost dog flyers with them to hand out but their primary function should be to look for the dog and not to create a commotion or scare an already frightened dog further away. Here are some basics:


#2 see Rule #1 (use COMMON SENSE!)

 #3 All searchers should remain calm and quiet and not be in groups larger then 2

#4 Have the owner or search leaders phone number programmed in your phone and ready to dial should you see the dog

#5 If you see the dog you are looking for DO NOT try to approach, call, make eye contact or draw attention to yourself.

#6 Try to follow the dog from a good distance and as soon as you can, call the owner with your location and the direction you are headed.

#7 If the dog shows that much fear that it will not even go to the owner then a trap is the only alternative but to set a trap you need to have at least 2 sightings around the same location. Click on this link to see How & When to use a Trap


#10  If you plan on using Search Dogs

If you have a situation where there are multiple dogs in your home and one of them escapes and you decide to use the help of a search or scent dog to locate your missing pet, do not, Do Not, I REPEAT, DO NOT bring your other dog out to help you search. It is unlikely you have a scent article in your home for the scent dog to use with just one of your dogs scent on it. The scent or search dog will follow the strongest scent and that will be the scent of your dog that is not lost. If you do not want the help of the search dog then, by all means, take out your companion dog to help you recover your lost pet but once you use the companion dog the search dog will not be able to pick up the scent they have to track. So think carefully the decision is yours to make

As more things come up I will post them on this page so check back every so often



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