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How to Safely Transport a Dog in the Car

No matter what your destination--the store, the park, or the vet--you want to do all you can to ensure your dog is transported safely when riding in the car. Being prepared and planning ahead will make car trips with your canine comfortable and enjoyable for all.



  • Confine him. Your dog should be restricted to riding in the back seat. This will stop him from moving around in the vehicle and possibly causing an accident.


  • Make him comfortable. Be sure your dog has enough room to stretch out comfortably. You may want to bring along a favorite blanket, toys and treats to eliminate boredom.


  • Prevent car sickness. Car sickness may be avoided if your dog can look out the front window. Opening several windows a few inches can help maintain balanced air pressure.


  • Establish parameters. Once your dog has positioned himself in his "spot" tell him to stay. Repeat the command whenever he attempts to move. Eventually your dog will stop moving.


  • Put safety first. Pet safety harnesses, pet seats and dog seat belts are available in pet supply stores or online. Not only will they restrain your dog, they also will protect him should an accident occur. Smaller dogs can be placed in carrier bags; larger breeds in crates. Any dog riding in the back of a pickup should either be in a carrier or restrained somehow to prevent escape.


  • Ventilate properly. Keep your car cool when transporting your dog. Inside your car the temperature can rise to nearly 20 degrees hotter than outside and cause your dog to overheat.


    When its time to remove your dog from the vehicle make sure you have proper ID on your dogs collar and the collar should be tight enough that your pet can not back out and slip the collar. We find the best thing to use is a slip leash or slip collar



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