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Let me start off by clarifying a few things about microchips. First of all microchips are NOT for tracking as a lot of people think they are implanted in your pet so if your pet gets lost and ends up in a shelter they can be scanned (as long as you register the chip) and the owner can be found.  A Microchip is not the only thing your pet needs to identify them, a collar and tag is imperative, if  your dog gets lost and is found by someone, there is a 99.9 % chance they will not have a chip scanner but if your pet has a ID tag on the finder will be able to call you instead of bringing your pet to a shelter where you will have to pay a fee to reclaim them and you are also subjecting them to any sickness that a stray might have at the shelter especially Kennel Cough.

when we interview people who have lost their dog we hear this so many times its nauseating, "I don't under stand it my dog never ran off before" Well that's because they never had the opportunity to do so and if your a pet owner it is your responsibility to not only keep your pet safe but all that come in contact with them. If your a person that has a dog and thinks they would never run away  you are extremely lucky or a fool. This saying is so true "SHIT HAPPENS" you can have the best trained dog in the world but if you have company come over and someone forgets to shut the door and a squirrel happens to run by guess what?  your dog now has motivation and opportunity to run out that door.

This is what happened to us, Our pit Bull Romeo would never leave our side no matter what! BUT he developed separation anxiety so we decided to take him to a local Doggie Day Care Center in Toms River called Pampered Pets, it was just for a few hours a day so he would see that its OK to be away from us and we would be back to get him. One day a negligent employee left 2 doors and a gate open in the dog area and Romeo bolted out the front door to try and find us. We were so very lucky to retrieve him but it took 4 days to do so and a $500 Vet bill which Pampered Pets paid.

Millions of dogs become lost each year. Tragically, very few are reunited with their owners. Many lost dogs end up in shelters where they are adopted out to new homes or even euthanized. It is important that your dog has identification at all times. Collars and tags are essential, but they can fall off or become damaged. Technology has made it possible to equip your pet with a microchip for permanent identification

One last thing, If your pet gets stolen and you know who has him the police can not do a thing unless your pet has a microchip that is registered to you. otherwise, even though you have pictures and proof of purchase the police hands are tied. Your pet is considered a possession and the burden of proof has to proved by you in civil court and just hope the judge see things your way or you can lose your dog forever.


Things You Should Know:

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. It consists of a tiny computer chip housed in a type of glass made to be compatible with living tissue. The microchip is implanted between the dog's shoulder blades under the skin with a needle and special syringe. The process is similar to getting a shot. Little to no pain is experienced - most dogs do not seem to even feel it being implanted. Once in place, the microchip can be detected immediately with a handheld device that uses radio waves to read the chip. This device scans the microchip, and then displays a unique alphanumeric code. Once the microchip is placed, the dog must be registered with the microchip company, usually for a one-time fee. Then, the dog can be traced back to the owner if found.


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